MASCOT SABRE POSE 2You could say we now live in the Dystopian States of America. So many negative predictions for the future have already come true. On top of that our elected officials run the country like a Mafia bust-out operation, making themselves rich while ensuring an increasingly bleak future for the rest of us.

Meanwhile Mexico, our forever dysfunctional neighbor to the south, has become a virtual Narco-State. Drug gangs are pretty much an occupying force in many areas, with elected officials getting gunned down as casually as anyone else.

Those drug gangs have taken advantage of the mounting chaos to establish blatant drug-mule trails into the American Southwest. Online you can find plenty of uploaded photos of signs the cartels have put up warning American citizens that “Your government cannot help you here” and similar messages.

The point is well-made: American citizens who live near where Mexico borders Arizona and New Mexico get absolutely no protection from our government, which STILL refuses to secure the border. Online you can also find uploaded videos of drug caravans crossing into the U.S.   

El MariachiThe cartels periodically send their own ground forces and helicopters across the border to drive off our Border Patrol when they intercept drug shipments.

With increasing numbers of victims in Mexico and the U.S. the world could use a real-life version of the hero from the El Mariachi movies. The concluding movie, in which El Mariachi brings down the cartel just before it can enact a coup d’etat seems poignantly like a morale- building World War Two era actioner, given how unchecked the drug-lords have been since then.    


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