Muslim attacks in parisRegular readers of Balladeer’s Blog know I’m not a Conservative but I always like to point out that that does NOT make me a Liberal. American Liberals are cowardly hypocrites, pompous snobs and hilariously pretentious asses. They’re also the ultimate imbeciles, as shown by their reaction to Friday’s Muslim attacks in Paris.

As always I waited hours before I posted anything, just to make absolutely sure it was Muslims behind the attacks and that credit was being claimed by the Islamic State spawned by Barack Obama’s premature withdrawal from Iraq. I always check out both Liberal AND Conservative websites because it’s the only way to get the whole picture. 

Muslim attacks in Paris 2Shortly after the attacks I felt a renewed contempt for American Liberals as I read the comments they were leaving on Huffpo, Salon and all the other sites that pander to irrational left-wing zealots. The overwhelming majority of the commentors were insisting the attacks could not POSSIBLY be by Muslim fanatics.

The Liberal buffoons were insisting the attacks in France must have been committed by … right-wing anti-environmentalists. No, I’m NOT joking. Liberals are so officially detached from reality that they fabricated a pack of right-wing fanatics wanting to attack Paris in advance of the Climate Summit. To them this was more reasonable than acknowledging that it might be yet another of the countless Muslim attacks that happen daily.

Muslim attacks in Paris 3Let me emphasize that for overseas readers. Rational people were thinking “This could well be ANOTHER Muslim attack since they’re so prone to this type of violence but let’s wait for all the facts to make sure.” And while those rational people were thinking along those lines Liberal trash were harassing people making that rational observation and were instead pushing the notion that imaginary right-wing anti-environmentalists were behind the attacks. Anything to defend Islam.  

American Liberals are such spineless jackasses they will crawl for Islam pre-emptively, trying to shift the blame from Muslim fanatics even before the bodies of their victims have gone completely cold. So let me make it very clear once again that I am NOT one of you barely human political robots called American Liberals.

You people are just completely bonkers to put it politely. Now run along to your safe spaces and have a good cry over the demise of your asinine conspiracy theory about right-wing attacks in Paris. 




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  1. You nailed it! I’m so sick of liberals and their apparent “Islam right or wrong” attitude.

  2. The entire world needs to start ignoring liberal collaborators with Islam.

  3. Liberals are anything but liberal now. They side with the most totalitarian beliefs they can find.

  4. You Americans seem to be waking up.

  5. Liberals will pretend that conservatives are the real threat even as a Muslim terrorist cuts their head off.

  6. There’s no shortage of liberal idiocy these days is there?

  7. So are you some conservathug?

  8. You yanks have the crazy liberals like we have the crazy labour party.

  9. Liberals sell the rest of us out to cozy up to potential Muslim terrorists.

  10. Liberals don’t care who dies if it will help them win elections.

  11. Your liberals seem even worse than ours.

  12. The left’s willing blindness to Muslim terrorism and oppression is too much.

  13. Love it dude. I share these political posts of yours at Reddit every chance I get.

  14. The left are the new fascists.

  15. So are you a conservative?

  16. The left would be fine with just them telling everyone else how to live.

  17. Liberals are insane and outdated.

  18. Liberals have gone completely nuts.

  19. If or when Muslims killed one of their own dear ones liberals would probably still side with Islam.

  20. This would make a good t-shirt about liberals.

  21. You a libertarian jerk?

  22. Very nice way of putting it. The left has gone just plain crazy.

  23. Seems like daily the Democratic party discusses giving up more of our freedom to muslim fanatics.

  24. Liberals will praise Muslims even if they’re the ones getting killed or maimed.

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