Individually the ladies of this real-life League of Extraordinary Women have all been featured over the years here on Balladeer’s Blog. Each one of them has more courage than all of the make-believe feminists whining about “microaggressions” and “safe spaces” on college campuses across America.

These ladies face REAL danger from REAL oppressors of women.

Wafa Sultan*** WAFA SULTAN is an author and activist against Islamofascism. She writes first-hand about the barbaric and systematically demeaning treatment that women in the Muslim world are subjected to. 

Wafa is one of those courageous individuals who are needed the most at this time – the kind who demand to be heard no matter how dangerous it is for them personally. In 2006 Wafa was the first  woman on the Muslim propoganda channel Al Jazeera. She masterfully demolished the inept reactionary arguments of the Imam she was debating. 

The support structure of any religious belief system is so delicate that it can never withstand open debate, which is precisely WHY anyone advocating or acting as an apologist for Islam’s hatred of women needs to be called on their beliefs, not coddled or treated as if their outdated, sexist point of view has  “hidden depths” that people outside that culture should respect. 

Wafa’s best point is made when she calls the ongoing conflict “a battle between modernity and barbarism” not a battle between religions. She also points out the dangers of letting Sharia into the western democracies under the pretense of being “multicultural”. Would we let immigrants to the west keep slaves just because we were told we should “respect their culture”? No we wouldn’t and Islam’s treatment of women is often indistinguishable from the treatment accorded to slaves. And by the way the Muslim world is still involved in the actual slave trade even though we in the much-maligned west abolished it long ago. 

Phyllis Chesler*** DR PHYLLIS CHESLER is another brilliant lady who fights the misogyny and overall intolerance of Islam.

Chesler’s unique approach focuses on how accusations of “Islamophobia” are the new McCarthyism, used to try to silence all conversations about the threat Islam poses to freedom around the world. Try to imagine it being banned as “Christophobic” to criticize Christianity and you can easily see how ridiculous that is. 

This brave person’s examination of Islam’s abuses includes the area that I often focus on – the fact that the Muslim world was involved in the slave trade long before the western nations were and remains involved in slavery to this very day. Their treatment of women is itself an ill-disguised alternate form of slavery and each year there are more and more Muslim attempts to spread Sharia law to the west.

Irshad Manji

*** NYU Professor IRSHAD MANJI. Manji was born in Uganda in 1968 and is lesbian. She is also the best-selling author of The Trouble With Islam Today: A Muslim’s Call For Reform In Her Faith

I guess we’ll be seeing some Hollywood movies praising her for her courage or a Lifetime Television biography of her … oh, wait. The American Left believes that only the anti-Western voices of the Muslim world are authentic. Any hint that many Muslims are brave enough to risk life and limb to speak out about the need for reform in the Islamic faith doesn’t work well with the American Left’s “narrative” so they ignore it.

Irshad heads New York University’s Moral Courage Project, which seeks to develop leaders who will challenge political correctness, intellectual conformity and self-censorship. This project is direly needed in the increasingly zombified  atmosphere of American political discourse.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali*** The former Dutch politician AYAAN HIRSI ALI, herself a one-time Muslim who often speaks out about Islam’s treatment of women including genital mutilation, which she herself fell victim to. 

She now lives under constant protection because of the death threats she receives from sexist, violent, Muslim religious nuts. Needless to say the cowardly hypocrites of the “academic” world are too timid to stand beside her and choose to pretend that Ayaan somehow “oppresses” patriarchal Muslim men.

Her books like The Caged Virgin: An Emancipation Proclamation For Women And Islam – and so many others – are terrific reads. The next time you hear bloated, comfortable Western celebrities pretending to be courageous activists and/or authors think of  Ayaan and remember what REAL courage involves.  

P.S. Ayaan tells some hilarious stories about our clueless VP and Muslim fanatic enabler Joe Biden condescendingly trying to set HER straight about Islam. Uh. Right, Joe. I’m sure she learned a lot from you. 

Nadia Shahram 2*** NADIA SHAHRAM is the leader of the Muslim Women’s Liberation Movement. In July of 2014 she led the drafting and signing of a Declaration of Equalities for Muslim Women at historic Seneca Falls.

As an American I’m always proud to point out that the original Seneca Falls meeting of so long ago saw the signing of the figurative Declaration of Independence of American women who tailored the document to resemble America’s own Declaration of Independence. The portion that laid out their grievances against society paralleled our own Contintental Congress’ enumeration of King George III’s crimes against Americans.

It’s incredibly moving to know that these women selected that venue for their historic meeting and declaration.

Regarding the cowardly hypocrisy of so many around the world in regard to Muslim Apartheid Shahram herself says:

“I was concerned about the apathy which surrounds the plight of Muslim women. In addition to the horrific atrocities such as honor killings, stoning, acid pouring, genital mutilation, child brides, and burnings, the majority of Muslim women worldwide are also subjected to unjust laws, discrimination, and a general lack of basic human rights. Some of these include child custody, self-determination and autonomy, access to education and employment, social and cultural restriction, travel limitations, and much more.

“The legal systems and the courts have failed to protect these women. The Declaration of Equalities movement is my way (as a female lawyer) of putting pressure on these nations and governments to amend their laws and provide equal rights and protection for women.”

It’s possible that this might at last shake American Liberals from their spineless hypocrisy and prompt them to be as critical of Islam’s misogyny as they are of Christianity’s. Don’t hold your breath, though. Most American Liberals serve as apologists for Islam’s abuses and lack the backbone to speak out. 

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  1. Secular Vegan

    Another is Maryam Namazie, whom the Students’ Union at the University of Warwick recently tried to censor:


    They then backed down over all the adverse publicity:


    (Both articles from my local rag, including typo in the headline of the second one).

  2. How come these women don’t get movies made about them?

  3. More women if the west need to speak out about Islam.

  4. That’s good to see some women taking a stand about Islam, thanks for sharing,.. I think this is great blog

  5. Now these women are courageous and don’t need pussyhats to do it.

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  8. These are the bravest women I’ve ever read about!

  9. Keep up the good work! These heroic women deserve the attention.


  11. Niesha

    Each and every one of these women deserve to be better known.

  12. Zoller

    These women will be in the history books and the privileged white democrat women of America will be forgotten.

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  14. LaShandra

    I would support these brave women over AOC and Nancy Pelosi anytime.

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