Wouldn't it be great if American feminists developed the backbone to speak out about Muslim Apartheid?

Wouldn’t it be great if American feminists developed the backbone to speak out about Muslim Apartheid?

Recently FEMEN, a feminist group very active in Europe, once again proved more courageous than most feminists in America by protesting at a Muslim cleric conference in Pontoise, France. The protestors entered disguised in the repulsive head-to- toe garments that Muslim men force women to wear.

When the Muslim “holy men” were discussing the Koran’s blessing on beating women the swashbuckling activists ran onstage and removed the outfits, revealing their naked bodies with feminist slogans written on them.

“Personne ne me soumet” (“No one subjugates me”) and “Je suis mon proper prophete” (“I am my own prophet”) were two of the slogans. FEMEN has earned an international reputation as one of the painfully few feminist organizations courageous enough to tackle Islam’s oppression of women.

FEMEN at Pontoise 2Here in the United States those FEMEN slogans would have been deemed “hate speech” and banned for being “offensive to Muslims.” To our spineless media and politicians everyone has to be inclusive … except for the privileged Muslims.  

FEMEN’s inspiring statement denouncing Muslim Apartheid went far beyond the mushy politically correct gibberish spouted by the hypocritical cowards of what masquerades as western liberalism in the 21st Century. Here is FEMEN’s statement in full: 

“Women Oppression Fair opens its door today in the surroundings of Paris.

At the Muslim Oppression of Women fair you will be taught, among other pleasant things, to be obedient and quiet, to serve your husband without discussion, to never answer, to accept marital rape, to become the dog, the donkey or the half man describe in the Koran, to be an object that is practical but never thinking, to give up your status as a human being, long story short : to disappear.

7000 meters square dedicated to the enslavement of women, a huge forum on “be submissive and stay quiet” with workshops to learn how to cook, dress (or let’s say of covering yourself), to stand with “dignity”, and to obey your father, brother and husband in all circumstances, and conferences held by the worst possible Islamist clan, which is diffusing with impunity its call for rape, discrimination, and modern slavery. Imams who are  aware of the criminal character of their preaching enough to hide it to critical media members who were all refused any kind of accreditation…

Two FEMEN activists came today to crash the big slavery fair party and to denounce this womanophobia. Our topless jihadists appeared on stage in front of Nader Abou Anas and Mehdi Kebir, misogynistic disciples of Allah, to scream loud and clear : “No one can enslave me, no one can possess me, I am my own prophet!”. The two activists (both coming from Muslim families) raised their voices on behalf of hundreds of women, feminists, and associations, all disgusted by the public hate speeches. It was our duty to interrupt this enslavement event, and to let a scream of freedom be heard in the middle of their submission lessons.

FEMEN is calling for mass opposition against the uprising of these womanophobe conferences and for a strong answer from our institutions.

Womanophobia is illegal.

Sexism is a kind of racism.

Modern slavery is a crime.

Let’s condemn them together, and let’s remind them without ever losing any once of strength :

No one can enslave me, no one can possess me, I am my own prophet!”

Inna Shevchenko, speaking on behalf of the protestors, thanked the French police for preventing the Muslim men at the conference from harming them, since she stated some of the men were shouting “Kill them” and “Dirty whores!” 


C’mon, American feminists, get in the game, already. 

As always these days many people are so paranoid about information that does not come from a site of their own choosing I’m not bothering with links. Just search online for this info and read for yourself from whatever site you prefer.

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  1. American women need to make their voices heard on this!

  2. FEMEN’s proclomation was brilliant.

  3. Ken

    These ladies are brave!

  4. You go FEMEN! Islam is tyranny!

  5. Excellent! More women need to protest Islam’s hatred.

  6. Amazing article dude! So good to see more people getting involved against Muslim intolerance.

  7. Great article! Women rock!

  8. u r so rite that American feminists need to get on Islam’s treatment of women, too!

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  10. Tyna

    You go girl! These women got it done!

  11. Gabriela

    These women are doing what the feminists in America should be doing.

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