The incredibly lovely Teddi Barrett, who models as Edward Wozniak's Mordillo Blush.

The incredibly lovely Teddi Barrett, who models as Edward Wozniak’s Mordillo Blush.

Teddi Barett, the World’s Sexiest Woman, is furious that there are people who have missed out on some of her adventures modeling as Edward Wozniak’s Neo-Pulp heroine Mordillo Blush! Dr Blush is like a sexy version of Dr Who and if you’re one of the holdouts who hasn’t sampled her adventures yet here’s a look at what you’ve been missing:

TeddiB41. MORDILLO BLUSH – Our buxom heroine’s debut adventure! Millions of lives in Los Angeles will be lost if Dr Mordillo Blush cannot track down the mad scientist behind a string of nightmarish deaths. The madman’s creation: 

A ray-machine that can induce an hour-long orgasm, killing everyone within reach of the ray with unbearable, inescapable pleasure!  (Three Part Serial)

TeddiB42. A WET DREAM ON ELM STREET – Parasexologist Mordillo Blush is called in when horny teens on Elm Street keep meeting their deaths while having erotic dreams about a sinister, long-dead Movie Hostess called Frieda Krueger. It’s a showdown of two buxom goddesses – one representing Science – the other representing the Supernatural! Is Frieda more than even Dr Blush can handle? Find out! (Two Part Serial)  

TeddiB43. BITCH GODDESSES OF THE LEATHER UNDERGROUND – It’s Mordillo Blush to the rescue when the search for a missing film star leads her to an underground slave market where hundreds of thousands of men are bought and sold like cattle. This story goes where Boxing Helena, Tusk and the Ilsa movies feared to go! Even Andrea Dworkin would wince at the damage inflicted on the male slaves by the sexy, aristocratic women who run the Leather Underground. (Four Part Serial)     

TeddiB44. VENEREUS REX – A secret cabal of religious fanatics and sex-negative feminists have unleashed Venereus Rex: the deadliest venereal disease that bio-engineering has ever spawned. The two seemingly disparate groups have been drawn together by their mutual hatred of human sexuality – the one group calling it “sinful” and the other group calling it “demeaning to women”. When the disease succeeds far beyond the cabal’s wildest dreams it’s up to Mordillo Blush to save the human race from complete extinction. (Three Part Serial)  

TeddiB45. BEYOND LIQUID SKY – The beautiful and brilliant Dr Blush finds herself living a parody of the old cult movie Liquid Sky when a group of malevolent aliens begin killing her sex partners by fatally extracting a powerful narcotic drug produced by their brains during orgasm. But is that all the aliens are after, or is the fate of the entire world once again in the hands of our luscious heroine? Will Earth get obliterated as part of an intergalactic clash of druglords? Is extra-terrestrial legalization of the brain-sex drug the only thing that can save us? (Two Part Serial)  

TeddiB46. THE XXX FILES – A flashback story in which the sexy Dr Blush recalls how she got started in her particular field of Parasexology. She used to work for the federal government’s XXX-Files, a top-secret investigative agency. Their role: to investigate paranormal occurrences on the set of porno films and in strip clubs around the country. Mordillo’s devotion to the truth put her at odds with her superiors, who were always covering up the facts. This shocking story details the government cover-up that was the last straw, prompting our heroine to resign and go into private practice. (Two Part Serial) 

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  1. Awesome woman! Those stories sound great!

  2. She has some very sexy eadventures!

  3. Those boobs make me hurt!

  4. Roy

    These adventures should be made into a tv series!

  5. Dre

    WOW! Sexy adventures!

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