Bergdahl coverAs always Balladeer’s Blog is the only site on the web that cuts through the b.s. in the “Liberals vs Conservatives” conflict and criticizes BOTH sides equally. Here’s the latest look at the blunders of the weak, inept and crooked little man named Barack Obama, who apparently wanted to win a $20 bet with a friend that he could do an even worse job than the repulsive George W Bush.

BERGDAHL BLUES – Obama’s original blunder in exchanging an obvious deserter like Bowe Bergdahl for FIVE high-level Al Qaeda operatives was compounded by his usual pouty refusal to face reality. EVERY report – except from his White House staff – emphasized Bergdahl’s sleazy nature, but the only thing the Obama Administration knows how to do is blunder, then lie and lie and lie for MONTHS before admitting their mistake.

Bergdahl - died looking for him

The six men who died trying to find Bergdahl before it was realized that he deserted.

Finally, after avoiding the inevitable since last summer, Obama’s Defense Department is officially charging Bergdahl with desertion. And this after months of publicly slandering the men in Bergdahl’s unit who came forward about his desertion and snubbing the families of the soldiers who died searching for Bergdahl. How dead inside is Little Barry that he can do these things?  

Remember how he insisted for years that the Fort Hood terrorist attack was “workplace violence” instead?

And there’s much, much more stupidity from Obama in the past few weeks.

YEMEN: OBAMA PRETENDS IT’S A SUCCESS – In his State of the Union Address in January Obama called Yemen a success for his administration. Everyone could have guessed right then and there that the country was about to collapse. Even now, with a blood-bath going on in Yemen, with our embassy abandoned and hundreds of millions of dollars of equipment in the hands of the Al Qaeda affiliate taking over the country Obama STILL insists it was a success.

At this point he’s just playing to the 1960’s generation of American Liberals, those delusional fans of Little Barry who will eagerly abuse their academic positions to try to slant history to make it seem like Obama was a competent president.

OBAMACARE ANNIVERSARY – Ditto for Obama’s celebration of the anniversary of his disastrous creation Obamacare. To Little Barry and his faithful worshippers all the lies that fact-checkers found in his ludicrous claims about Obamacare won’t matter. Their cult figure has spoken. All the people suffering because of Obamacare might as well not even exist as far as Obama’s callous and uncaring supporters are concerned. 

MEDDLING IN AN ALLIED NATION’S ELECTION – Through his shady group of goons One Voice that little thug Obama was trying to engineer the defeat of Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu. Little Barry crawls for hostile governments like Russia and Iran but tries to topple an ally. Pure Obama! The Canadian government this week began complaining about Obama and One Voice trying to meddle in THEIR elections, too.



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  1. This pathetic president has lost us the respect of so many countries.

  2. This good man will legalize everyone.

  3. About time you Americans woke up to how inept Barack Obama is.

  4. There will probably never be another AfricanAmerican president for decades because of how incompetent Obama is.

    • I know how you feel. The quicker we get another African-American president the better. The next one will at least be EARNING it and not just given it based on absolutely nothing but the national desire to have our first African American president.

  5. I love how you dont hesitate to point out how lame Obama is.

  6. I have more and more contempt for Obama.

  7. This barely touches on how stupid he is.

  8. How stupid is Obama? How deep is the ocean?

  9. He’s a joke is what he is. And a failure.

  10. The worse he does the more liberal assholes like him.

  11. He’s too stupid for words.

  12. I can’t believe this asshole considers Yemen a success.

  13. He’s really really stupid.

  14. Obama is the most overrated crook in history.

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  16. Megan

    I’ll answer. Obama is very, very stupid.

  17. Jason Stanley

    Barack Obama was a world-class failure.

  18. Pencilpenparade

    He is stupid and a crook.

  19. Klio

    He was president so he’s smart.

  20. Neil

    The man was a dolt. He thought “Austrian” was its own separate language.

  21. Rhonda K

    Obama was more stupid than words could describe.

  22. Yahi

    Are you a Republican?

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    Obama was such a moron and such a crook.

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    Obama was more stupid than it should have been possible.

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    Obama is too stupid for words.