Phoenix Bears logoDISTRICT 201 – CHAMPIONSHIP GAME – Out west in Arizona the two teams left battling for this District’s championship were the PHOENIX COLLEGE BEARS and the TOHONO O’ODHAM COLLEGE JEGOS. Slowly but surely the Bears took absolute command over this game away from the Jegos and wound up winning by a final tally of 84-65. * CONGRATULATIONS TO THE BEARS, WHO MOVE ON TO THE NJCAA NATIONAL TOURNAMENT. * 

DISTRIC Genesee_Community_College_Cougars_logo.gif (219×158) T 202 – CHAMPIONSHIP GAME –  This was a true clash of champions, pitting the Region 202 victors – the GENESEE COLLEGE COUGARS – against the champs of Region 221 – the DEAN COLLEGE BULLDOGS. In this particular game the team from the Empire State wound up pushing around the team from New England. The Cougars ultimately defeated the Bulldogs by a final score of 96-79. * CONGRATULATIONS TO THE COUGARS, WHO MOVE ON TO THE NJCAA NATIONAL TOURNAMENT. * 

Kishwaukee College KougarsDISTRICT 203 – CHAMPIONSHIP GAME – An upset was in store in this District Championship game which featured the KISHWAUKEE COLLEGE KOUGARS (sic) and the TRITON COLLEGE TROJANS. This spectacular back and forth affair will be remembered for a long time by all attendees and players. In the end the Kougars with a “K” managed to get past the Trojans in a 74-69 thriller. * CONGRATULATIONS TO THE KOUGARS, WHO MOVE ON TO THE NJCAA NATIONAL TOURNAMENT. * 

Olive Harvey College PanthersDISTRICT 204 – CHAMPIONSHIP GAME – Another upset was in the offing in the District 204 title game. The OLIVE- HARVEY COLLEGE PANTHERS squared off against the favored SOUTH SUBURBAN COLLEGE BULLDOGS. Things were tight for a while but eventually the Panthers took the upper hand and went on to an authoritative 79-62 victory. * CONGRATULATIONS TO THE PANTHERS, WHO MOVE ON TO THE NJCAA NATIONAL TOURNAMENT.

Hesston College LarksDISTRICT 205 – CHAMPIONSHIP GAME – This District Tournament came down to the two top seeds. The 2nd seeded HESSTON COLLEGE LARKS took the court against the top seeds – the KANSAS CITY (KS) COLLEGE BLUE DEVILS. The Larks put the Blue Devils on Upset Alert at Halftime with their 41-33 lead, then fended off the Kansas City team the rest of the way for a 77-69 win. Austin Mitchell led Hesston College with 21 points. * CONGRATULATIONS TO THE LARKS, WHO MOVE ON TO THE NJCAA TOURNAMENT. *  

Richard Bland College Statesmen logoDISTRICT 206 – CHAMPIONSHIP GAME – This was another 2 seed versus 1 seed title tilt, and once again the 2nd seed won. The RICHARD BLAND COLLEGE STATESMEN took on the LOUISBURG COLLEGE HURRICANES in what turned out to be a game for the ages! Action was swift and momentum surged back and forth in this hardcourt epic, which was ultimately won by the Statesmen. The final score was Richard Bland College 80  Louisburg College 77. * CONGRATULATIONS TO THE STATESMEN, WHO MOVE ON TO THE NJCAA NATIONAL TOURNAMENT. * 

Southeast College StormDISTRICT 207 – CHAMPIONSHIP GAME – Another battle of Regional Champions was in store in this game. The Region 209 champs – the SOUTHEAST COLLEGE STORM – played against the Region 213 champs – the COLLEGE OF DAKOTA AT BOTTINEAU LUMBERJACKS. After a very memorable and very physical game the Storm came out on the winning side by a final score of 72-67. * CONGRATULATIONS TO THE STORM, WHO MOVE ON TO THE NJCAA NATIONAL TOURNAMENT. *   

Des Moines Area BearsDISTRICT 208 – CHAMPIONSHIP GAME – This District Championship Game was another 1 seed versus 2 seed battle but with the 1 seed winning out in the end. The top seeded DES MOINES AREA COLLEGE BEARS took on the 2 seeds – the KIRKWOOD COLLEGE EAGLES. A win was there for either team to grab at first but slowly the Bears got some separation from the Eagles and won the game 78-67. * CONGRATULATIONS TO THE BEARS, WHO MOVE ON TO THE NJCAA NATIONAL TOURNAMENT. * 

Lansing College StarsDISTRICT 209 – CHAMPIONSHIP GAME – The LANSING COLLEGE STARS and the GRAND RAPIDS COLLEGE RAIDERS were the two teams remaining in the battle for the District 209 crown. The game between these familiar foes was hard-fought on both sides but naturally there could only be one winner in the end. When all was said and done the Stars defeated the Raiders by a final score of 79-70. * CONGRATULATIONS TO THE STARS, WHO MOVE ON TO THE NJCAA NATIONAL TOURNAMENT. *  

Schoolcraft College OcelotsDISTRICT 210 – CHAMPIONSHIP GAME – The SCHOOLCRAFT COLLEGE OCELOTS played the DELTA COLLEGE PIONEERS for the championship of this District. The Ocelots slapped down any thoughts the Pioneers may have had about pulling off an upset. The 2nd Half in particular came down to a game of how much distance Schoolcraft College could put between themselves and Delta College. The final tally was Ocelots 79  Pioneers 55. * CONGRATULATIONS TO THE OCELOTS, WHO MOVE ON TO THE NJCAA NATIONAL TOURNAMENT. *  

Lakeland College LakersDISTRICT 211 – CHAMPIONSHIP GAME – This District crown was being fought over by the LAKELAND COLLEGE LAKERS and the OWENS COLLEGE EXPRESS. The Lakers trailed the Express 45-38 at Halftime but came back after the break for a nailbiting 80-78 triumph. Montell Goodwin led Lakeland College with 22 points while his teammate Cristen Wilson notched a Double Double of 10 points and 13 rebounds. * CONGRATULATIONS TO THE LAKERS, WHO MOVE ON TO THE NJCAA NATIONAL TOURNAMENT. *  

MCC Penn Valley ScoutsDISTRICT 213 – CHAMPIONSHIP GAME – With the District 212 Championship having been played days earlier than these others we resume with the District 213 Championship Game. The METROPOLITAN COLLEGE AT PENN VALLEY SCOUTS took on the NORTH ARKANSAS COLLEGE PIONEERS. The Scouts kept their upset mojo rolling in this game, smacking around the Pioneers and winning the contest by an authoritative score of 92-67. * CONGRATULATIONS TO THE SCOUTS, WHO MOVE ON TO THE NJCAA NATIONAL TOURNAMENT. * 

John Wood Trail BlazersDISTRICT 216 – CHAMPIONSHIP GAME – The title games for Districts 214 and 215 were, like District 212, played days earlier. This final District’s Championship Game was between the JOHN WOOD COLLEGE TRAIL BLAZERS and the DANVILLE AREA COLLEGE JAGUARS. Forty minutes wasn’t enough for these two teams and after Regulation ended in a 63-63 tie the game went into Overtime. The Trail Blazers prevailed in the extra session by a final score of 74-70. * CONGRATULATIONS TO THE TRAIL BLAZERS, WHO MOVE ON TO THE NJCAA NATIONAL TOURNAMENT. * 


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  1. The Larks have an awesome mascot!

  2. Lansing College all the way! My mate went there!

  3. Id like 2 c u cover womens basketball like u cover mens

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