Pat PatriotPAT PATRIOT – Last time around I examined the forgotten Golden Age superheroine Fantomah. Since Liberals and Conservatives have to inject their bickering into everything my look at Fantomah prompted Conservatives to accuse me of secretly being a Liberal because, after all, only ONE of Fantomah’s villains was non-white. For my look at Pat Patriot I’m sure Liberals will stage an “AHA” moment and accuse me of being a Conservative because of the heroine’s all-American, red white and blue nature.  

Pat Patriot 3Introduced in Daredevil Comics in August of 1941 Pat Patriot – “America’s Joan of Arc” – was, in reality, Pat Patrios, a Greek-American woman who by day worked on an assembly-line. By night she pursued her dream of show-biz stardom by appearing in a minor stage musical, costumed like a female Uncle Sam for a patriotic song and dance. One night Pat was walking home after the show with her boyfriend Mike Brown (no relation to the thuggish robber of convenience stores).

The pair stumbled across a plot by “European” conspirators (America had not entered the global war yet so even though the villains were clearly supposed to be German they weren’t openly identified as such) to steal airplane motors and smuggle them to the Axis Powers. Still clad in her stage outfit Pat used her fists and some brutal high kicks to thwart the evil plan. The press mistook her name for “Pat Patriot”, but our heroine happily embraced that as her nom de guerre.  

The metrosexual eunuchs of today would faint at the lyrics to one of Pat's songs.

The metrosexual eunuchs of today would faint at the lyrics to one of Pat’s songs.

When she wasn’t dazzling audiences on stage Pat Patriot was kicking the butts of America’s enemies, which soon included openly German and Japanese villains. Unfortunately Pat was one of those short-lived superheroes, and her adventures came to an end in June of 1942 after just eleven issues.

I often jokingly imagine heroes whose titles abruptly end got killed in their very next adventure. But I’m kind of weird. At any rate Pat Patriot’s adventures were written by Charles Biro and Bob Wood and drawn by Reed Crandall.  

Though most of Pat’s adventures took place stateside her final adventure saw her overseas, taking on the Japanese in Burma! 


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  1. Way cool! She was like a female Captain America!

  2. Hey, A.W. – and you know who you are – don’t bring your hate-filled racism around here any more. Besides, your attitude was addressed here –

  3. Lenny

    Pat needs a movie!

  4. Tammy

    Got to love this heroine!

  5. S Janek

    Pat knows how to fight!

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