If this weak, inept and crooked little man spent half as much energy fighting this war as he does trying to defend Islam the civilized world would be in much better shape.

If this weak, inept and crooked little man spent half as much energy fighting this war as he does trying to defend Islam the civilized world would be in much better shape.

Balladeer’s Blog, as always, is the only place on the web where Liberals and Conservatives get equal criticism. The Muslim World’s never-ending war with the civilized world is in the news more and more. Unlike the cowardly hypocrites of American Liberalism I have always outspokenly criticized Islam’s homophobia, misogyny and general intolerance.

If things keep going the way they have been, with the Islamic State now threatening to attack Italy and with Muslims perpetrating atrocities around the globe with undisguised glee let me once again point out the following:

Eventually, maybe decades from now, when it is realized through hindsight that everyone should have been speaking out about Islam’s abuses in the here and now American Liberals will try to rewrite history (again) to pretend that THEY were the ones speaking out about Islam. This is just like they pretend they would have had the courage to speak out about blacklisting during the 1950’s, and all the other historical revisionism they love to do to pretend they were always “on the right side of history.”  

Islam and liberalThose of us alive right now, however, are fully aware that in reality American Liberals have been the worst enablers of Muslim violence, misogyny and homophobia. Liberals obediently crawl for Islam and reflexively side with that savagely superstitious faith because the 9-11 attacks terrified them into submission.

So this is just a shoutout to the Liberals of 2045 or so, when they will be teaching their captive audience of students that Liberals in the early 21st Century “courageously” risked violent attacks from Muslims and risked being called Islamophobes or racists because hey, that’s the brave way Liberals behave. They speak out about oppression, like Islam’s oppression of women and gay people and non-Muslims. Well, at least they do AFTER IT BECOMES SAFE TO DO SO. Right now, when Liberals have a chance to ACTUALLY BE courageously outspoken, we can see that they would rather pander to the worst elements of Islam.

Obama busyThey’re like, so DEEP, dude! Anyway, if we could convince the pathetic little man in the White House that he could cash in on political graft by fighting Muslim fanatics he might just leave the golf course and take some action.


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  1. Fantastic! You got that right about how liberals are too afraid to take the kind of stand they always pretend they would take against a foe like Islam. They are such cowards and your right- one day they’ll be claiming that the people speaking out about Islam were liberals.

  2. The way Muslims hate women and gay people is so alarming.

  3. I’m a woman and I do not want to live in any country that lets Muslims inflict their backward and barbaric ways on the rest of us.

  4. It is getting really bad here in Germany too. Muslims take and take and take and still expect more concessions. They are the biggest homophobes and misogynists.

  5. Hi there! The pic of the liberal saying “He doesn’t mean that” is hysterical!

  6. I agree. Liberals are such a disappointment. They talk big but they never speak out about anybody except the U.S.

  7. Awesome take on the need to oppose Muslim homophobia and misogyny.

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  11. Sauron Merciful

    Wonderful! Islam needs to revise its attitudes toward women.

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