Michelle "Bowser" Obama

Michelle “Bowser” Obama

For a different kind of President’s Day treat Balladeer’s Blog takes a look at a truly repulsive person who has managed to surpass the pompous, snobbish and callous Nancy Reagan to become America’s Worst First Lady Ever.

MICHELLE OBAMA – Bitter and hate-filled, this cosmically unlikeable figure has been stripped of her right to practice law just like her corrupt husband. Michelle is an overt racist whose loathing of everyone who is not an African-American is right out in the open for all to see.

Michelle is such a repulsive figure that when Barack was elected she was ill-mannered enough to say it was the first time she wasn’t ashamed of the country. Only a piece of absolute garbage would do this. It’s like being invited into someone’s house and telling them “This is the first time I’ve been in your house and it hasn’t stunk like an open sewer.”

Michelle Obama uglyMichelle Obama embodies the term “Redneck of Color” with her ignorance and her lack of social graces and we can all happily tell her she represents the first time we as a nation have had to be ashamed of our First Lady. Michelle, like Barack, is a beneficiary of Affirmative Action, which she admits in one of her anecdotes that she glories in telling, even though she gets it wrong.

She talks about how she was told her grades weren’t good enough to get into Princeton … yet she got in anyway because of minority set-asides established by those eeeevilll white people she hates so much. When Michelle tells this story she words it like it’s an “I showed them” story, as if it’s a personal triumph on her part.

Michelle Obama scowlUh, no, clueless little Michelle. It would be a personal triumph if the story concluded “… But I studied hard and raised my grades so that I got in ANYWAY!” It’s hilarious to see her tell this story repeatedly (it’s even on youtube) yet never realize what an asshole she comes off as.

She even got a degree for writing about her feelings as an African-American woman. Yes, this silly little person got a degree for writing a glorified diary entry. Too funny! I’ve already covered her being stripped of her lawyer’s license over various violations so it’s up to you which one you find funnier.

And let’s not forget Michelle’s monumental hypocrisy of trying to impose her own bizarre dietary standards on children in public schools while her OWN children attend a private school where they can eat much better meals than impoverished children in those public schools get under Michelle’s capricious standards.  

Cesar Romero as the Joker

Cesar Romero as the Joker

For all these reasons and more, Michelle Obama replaces Nancy Reagan and officially takes over the title of America’s Worst First Lady Ever! You earned it, Michelle, and this may be the first time in your life someone can honestly say that to you! 

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  1. Rose

    You read my mind only you said it way better than I could have.

  2. rachel laird

    I also love how she feels the need to piss a “mine bitch” circle around Barack, maybe we don’t act like a high school priss when cameras are around. These ridiculous diet stands she has set has caused schools to cut back on the school breakfast program offer to kids that otherwise may not have it so they have the “resources” for lunches. She is also constantly talking to people beside her when she is on TV or in pictures when she is at high profile functions. She should at least pretend to be involved and make an effort, which is probably why her oldest was eye rolling and texting at one of the WH press events. No idea who will in office next but something has to be better than this bunch. Well said this!!!

  3. Thank you very much, Rachel! I agree, this bunch is pathetic and whichever party gets in next many things have GOT to be better than with this self-centered and narrow-minded bunch.

  4. I have always disliked this nasty, unpleasant woman.

  5. lol, this is so fitting! Michelle Obama is such a mean-spirited piece of garbage.

  6. You don’t mince words but you’re always readable. Not many blogs contain such consistently in your face and informative content as you do. Many Many Thanks.

  7. Irreverent but refreshing!

  8. Michelle Obama is the biggest racist of all.

  9. trippy

    y’all can eat a dick…why you hating on black people…Fuck you

    • Here’s a lesson for anyone typing in comments on the internet. Trippy doesn’t even understand the fundamental rules of capitalization.

      On top of that Trippy is not capable of writing complete sentences and comes across as a moron.

      Trippy is clearly a black bigot or a racist of color if you prefer. I bash Nancy Reagan as well in this blog post but you’ll notice that poor, confused and barely literate Trippy doesn’t see that as “hating on white people.”

      But Trippy does try to say that criticism of the bitter, hate-filled Michelle Obama constitutes “hating on black people.”

      Trippy is a nice example of how to look like an imbecile while commenting online.

  10. Someone calling herself Vicki chimed in with a lie that Obama worshippers memorize to try to defend the Obamas the same way Reagan worshippers memorize lies to try to defend the Reagans.

    Pretty funny stuff. To be fair it may have been someone joking around because they perfectly nailed the bitter, hate-filled, huffy and humorless way Obama worshippers conduct themselves.

  11. I’m checking to see if someone calling themselves Ted – oh, excuse me – TED – is for real or just a troll. If he’s for real I’ll allow his post to show. He raised questions about how lacking in facts Obama’s accusations of racism are. The troll possibility entered the picture when he gave a definition of racism that does not match anything the Obamas would agree with. Stay tuned!

  12. To Rebecca C: I can let your comment show if the racist slurs are removed. But anyway, most of your questions are addressed here at https://glitternight.com/2014/05/16/barack-obama-and-ronald-reagan-amazing-similarities/

  13. Michelle Obama was such a hate-filled woman. Melania Trump is the best and most stylish since Jackie Kennedy.

  14. Michelle Obama stood for nothing but hate hate and more hate.

  15. Magnificent! Michelle Obama is so filled with hatred it oozes out of her!

  16. Hattie

    Michelle Obama is a pig.

  17. Eddie T

    Michelle is such a hatemonger.

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