A piece of political sewage who bubbled and gurgled up from the cesspool of Chicago politics.

A piece of political sewage who bubbled and gurgled up from the cesspool of Chicago politics.

It’s no secret that the Obama administration may well be the most corrupt and abusive in history. And I’m the furthest thing from a Conservative you can find. I could fill this site every day with stories about the ongoing developments in the countless investigations into this weak, inept and crooked little man but we’d all get bored with the repetitious coverage of this criminal’s venality, pomposity and general douchebaggery. (To borrow a phrase from Ted White)

Not only did one of Little Barry’s usual lapdogs, the Huffington Post, declare his war on free speech to be “a dictator’s dream” but Amnesty International quite rightly declared this mad dog a war criminal, largely for his incessant use of drones to kill and kill and kill.

Throw in the fact that the administration is giving federal GRANTS to the makers of television shows and movies to insert pro-Obamacare messages into their work. As if we didn’t already have what amounts to state-run media (Fox News Channel and talk radio when a Republican is in office, all other news outlets when a Democrat is in office) now we’ll have even MORE political messages masquerading as entertainment.

The big question is why Little Barry’s administration felt the need to PAY the entertainment industry to carry its water. The gutless panderers of that field have proven more than willing to propogandize for free. Even though the hallmark of great political satire is rebuking whatever administration is in office Hollywood has spinelessly decided political satire means ridiculing and demonizing the targeted opponents of the incumbent administration. Not exactly courageous.

By the way, Obama worshippers (and let’s be honest, you mindless and unquestioning thralls aren’t supporters, you’re worshippers) you can do online searches of your own and find a variety of sources in the U.S. and overseas for the above stories. Take your pick of what source to read since you lobotomized fanatics tend to think any story that sheds a bad light on Little Barry MUST be “propoganda”. These stories are undeniable, they just don’t get much coverage because American Conservatives are still foolish enough to think they can get by with just FNC and talk radio. Uh. Yeah. The strategy has worked so far. Oh, wait, no it hasn’t!


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  1. Rose

    We may need another Revolution…I’m ready!

  2. Anonymous

    The Stalin-esque control of the media is the most terrifying thing about this administration. Republicans have tried to get their point across in mainstream media, but somehow their stories are put on page Z99. Case in point — Jay Leno’s interview with Ted Cruz. Since when did Jay become a hard-hitting one sided interviewer? I thought it was an entertainment show — at least it is when Obama is on.

    • Thanks for commenting! As I make clear all the time I’m neither a Liberal nor a Conservative but I am amazed at how the Conservatives have failed to purchase more media outlets.

      Liberals understood long ago that political campaigns are staged all-year EVERY year, but the political ads work best when disguised as news broadcasts. Media outlets have NEVER been objective and I can’t believe Conservatives think Fox and talk radio by themselves can get their message out.

      Nobody ever hears your side of the argument except people who already agree with you because of the way Fox and talk radio have been ridiculed into irrelevance.

      Bloated rich pigs on the Liberal side recognize the value of spending untold amounts of money on swaying the culture. Bloated rich pigs on the Conservative side don’t seem interested in anything that can’t be measured on a profit and loss sheet.

      As for Leno and the others I have no idea why Conservatives are still foolish enough to think they’ll be anything but the butt of jokes on those shows. How many incidents like this does it take for the lesson to sink in?

      And how many “Help me out, Candy” moments in Presidential debates will it take before Conservatives realize that cooperating with the opposition party’s media outlets will never end well for them.

      The only thing worse than our two-party system is the virtual one-party system we seem headed for.

  3. Obama is getting what he deserves! What a creep!

  4. Obama is a liar and a Chicago thug.

  5. Obama may well go down as the worst president we have ever had!

  6. The rest of the world has been wondering when Americans would wake up to what Obama really is.

  7. Linda

    Obama is a criminal and a complete disaster!

  8. Obama is a candidate for worst president of the United States ever.

  9. Obama is a crook and a liar and more.

  10. Obama is a war criminal.

  11. Obama deserves impeachment several times over.

  12. Why were u so stupid as 2 elect this crook twice?

  13. I think everyone is waking up to what a disaster Obama is.

  14. What about George W Bush?

    • I’m sorry you had to hear it from me first but that piece of garbage hasn’t been president for years. Try to “move on” like the precious little dot org you demented fools are so in love with.

  15. Obama is outrightly criminal.

  16. You people took forever to catch on to what Obama was like.

  17. Obama should be remembered as the worst president ever!

  18. It’s pretty bad when even Huffington Post is willing to say this.

  19. Obama has been a complete and utter failure.

  20. Obama’s fucked up followers would vote 4 him a 3rd time if they could.

  21. Is Huffington Post starting to develop integrity … naaah!

  22. Amnesty International will now be labeled a “racist” organization.

  23. u should be in jail just for writing articles like this.

  24. How have u Americans let this man stay in office?

    • National regrets over slavery allow this piece of shit to manipulate public sympathy just because he has the same skin color as the people who suffered under the repulsive institution of slavery.

  25. Impressive to see your sleepy American media starting to wake up.

  26. I think Obama is like a nationwide Boss Tweed.

  27. Obama will not tolerate criticism.

    • LMAO! You, Daniel are an imbecile! Learn to spell and to express yourself in something approaching complete sentences and then come back to try to say something … that’s a good boy!

  28. Obama has betrayed even those people who did believe the liar.

  29. Obama supporters will probably claim Amnesty International and Huffington Post are conservative organizations now.

  30. Obama is a national embarrassment and I’m ashamed I work for one of his biggest supporters.

  31. I think everyone has lost whatever belief they had in this creep Obama.

  32. This man deserves to be impeached.

  33. Obama is the worst president youve ever had.

  34. Obama has personally disillusioned my entire generation like others have said.

  35. Tad

    Obama has turned me off to the Democratic party completely

  36. nobody would have jobs if it wasn’t 4 President Obama.

    • LOL I bash both sides you imbecile! Read around my blog to see and then if you still think you’re capable of aguing with me come back and try you moronic little douchebag.

  37. Zeke

    dy motherfuckers

  38. Why is Obama such a scumbag?

  39. Obama is a jackass and a criminal.

  40. Obama is an embaarrassment for your country.

  41. Obama is a punk who has ruined the economy@!

  42. Just die cracka. O da bomb!

  43. UGG

    Rédacteurs en chef

  44. rainbow-cnc, stripclubpokertour,

  45. Obama’s entire administration was a dictators dream. Especially the propaganda that the media cooperated with him about.

  46. Gina

    Obama was the worst president ever!

  47. Colin

    Obama really is a war criminal.

  48. Valerie


  49. Kathleen Kennedy


  50. Milly

    Obama is being exposed for the crook that he was.

  51. Ernie

    I am so ashamed that I voted for Obama once.

  52. Rhea

    Obama is a war criminal in more ways than one.

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