"Anyone who questions my policies is a racist who kicks puppy dogs and I want them SILENCED!"

“Anyone who questions my policies is a racist who kicks puppy dogs and I want them SILENCED!”

Welcome back to Balladeer’s Blog, the only site on the web that is truly nonpartisan in its criticism of the lobotomized political zombies called Liberals and Conservatives!

More loathsome behavior from Little Barry Obama’s mindless and unquestioning worshippers (and let’s face it – that weak, inept and crooked little man doesn’t have supporters, he has fascistic worshippers).  In their typically heartless and unfeeling way they’re expressing anger at the suffering VICTIMS of their Dear Leader’s failed policies for DARING to point out the negative impact his ill-considered Obamacare disaster has had on their lives.

The repulsive Bill Moyers, who thinks it’s still the 1960’s, is one of the brain-dead Liberal zealots attacking the victims for speaking out about Little Barry’s latest disaster. Moyers and others insist the victims are all right-wing shills and claim that Obamacare has been “sabotaged” by Obama’s detractors. Uh. Yeah. It can’t POSSIBLY be that the people of the United States still don’t want Obamacare, especially now that “we know what’s in it”.

To refresh the memories of my overseas readers Obamacare was going to be voted down after the 2010 mid-term elections saw the election of candidates who were elected LARGELY BECAUSE OF THEIR OPPOSITION TO OBAMACARE. In the typical style of the hilariously pretentious asses of American Liberalism they were horrified that the will of the voters was about to interfere with their fanatical mission to prove that they know what’s best for “the rabble”.

Acting before the newly-elected representatives could be sworn in the Lame Duck Congress SHOVED THROUGH Obamacare, which did not get ANY votes from the Republicans, no matter how much Democrats are trying to rewrite history to spread the blame around. In their mad rush to get Little Barry a trademark piece of legislation Nancy Pelosi and company ignored all the obvious flaws in Obamacare. (No, paranoid Liberals I’m NOT a Conservative, just look around my site and see.)

Obama's fascistic zombies

Obama’s fascistic zombies

When I hear callous Liberal asses making snarky remarks about the victims coming forward with their horror stories about Obamacare it reminds me how, in the 1980’s, the repulsive Ronald Reagan’s mindless worshippers scoffed at the real-life damage his policies did to people. 1980’s Conservatives refused to believe that Ramblin’ Ronny’s policies were harming anyone so they ridiculed stories about said harm. Similarly American Liberals refuse to believe that Little Barry’s policies are destroying people’s lives because, well, because any facts that conflict with their political prejudices MUST be “propoganda” and MUST be ignored.

Anyone who considers themselves a dogmatic Liberal or a dogmatic Conservative is part of the problem. Those fanatics have hijacked the Democratic and Republican parties and have put us in the situation we are in. 

FOR MORE ON LIBERALS AND CONSERVATIVES CLICK HERE:https://glitternight.com/category/liberals-and-conservatives/ 

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  1. Nice! Everybody knows ur not a Conservative so ur comments about that thug Obama carry a lot of weight. Good 4 u 4 weighing in on this. I can’t believe this blame the victims campaign Obama is now running.

  2. This is the worst thing this piece of shit Obama has done.

  3. Obama is a failure and his delusional supporters will do anything to avoid admitting it to themselves.

  4. Nice comparison you made to the way Reaganites callously ignored the pain caused by their idol, too.

  5. Maybe these callous assholes would like to talk to all the cancer patients suffering because of Obama’s stupidity.

  6. Do any liberals in your country care about people?

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  8. I would love to write guest articles about what a disaster Obama and his signature piece of garbage is.

  9. None of them are more callous than Obama himself.

  10. How anyone can still defend this piece of shit Obama is beyond me.

  11. I love ur site because u don’t follow the strict liberal or conservative breakdowns.

  12. Obama’s sieg-heilers will trash anybody wont they

  13. Dan

    Obamacare is a failure and benefited nobody but the crooked.

  14. Obamacare is a monument to stupidity.

  15. Don’t Obama’s braindead supporters care about the pain his policies have caused?

  16. fuckin hatazz gotta hate but u suk &die gonna

  17. Nobody don’t be don nuthin a this. Racsit.

    • And you win the designation of the dumbest commenter EVER at my site!

    • Anonymousguy

      As a proud liberal I’m appalled at you’re disrespect to President Obama and I demand that you retrackt these insults!

      • By calling yourself a proud liberal you’re admitting you’re a “proud coward”, a “proud hypocrite” and a hilariously pretentious ass. I know liberal pieces of shit like you never know any facts but if you want to debate this, you moron, come on ahead! I enjoy stomping imbeciles like you into the dirt.

  18. Way to tell that douchebag!

  19. Quartermain

    My nick name for Obama fanatics is “Obamadens”.

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