Balladeer’s Blog is known for criticizing American Liberals and Conservatives equally. Up until now Richard Nixon and Warren G Harding were the benchmarks against which irredeemably corrupt and slimy U.S. Presidents were judged. Even though I trash both sides all the time whenever I would use Nixon as being synonymous with sleaze and crookedness Conservative fanatics would jump in with an “AHA” comment, implying I was secretly a Liberal. Nope. I’m not an American Liberal because I have a backbone and American Liberals are the most cowardly hypocrites and the most hilariously pretentious asses in the world.

Weak inept and crooked little man.

Weak inept and crooked little man.

At any rate the plethora of scandals, too numerous to mention, that have surfaced in the Obama administration since 2009 have now far surpassed even the Nixon years, so from now on when using a president as being syn-onymous with corruption and venality “Obama” will be the name I use! This means sniveling Liberal worms will take over from right-wing fanatics when I do and will be pulling those “AHA” moments.

In addition Benghazi Barry has out-Nixoned Nixon by being a “man” of a Thousand Checkers Speeches. The way this nauseating piece of sewage from the cesspool that IS Chicago politics frequently poses with children or flanks himself with grieving families far out-scuzzes Tricky Dick in terms of Presidential Douchebaggery.

And hey, I didn’t even bother mentioning little Barry CRYING at a press conference when he was subjected to questions about his sleazy administration. He’ll always be remembered as the only President driven to tears by questions at a press conference.

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  1. Good 4 u! I can’t believe I was stupid enough to vote 4 this piece of shit!

  2. If I was any GOP candidate I would challege the whole system that stuck us with Obama. There is no reason they should have to do a debate with a bunch of Liberal Democrats asking all the Questions. I would tell them 4 debates with 2conseratives on the panel and 2 Liberals or no deal. the same for VP debates, too.

    • I’m an independent voter but yeah, the overwhelming bias of 90% of the news media is sickening. Republicans are very stupid for agreeing to the debate format that is used.

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  4. Luv it! Obama is a creep and a liar and worse!

  5. Obama is the biggest creep ever to hold elected office!

  6. The rest of us in the world can’t understand how Obama got reelected.

    • He had the benefit of running against the Republicans, who foolishly think they can get by with just Fox News Channel and talk radio gtrying to counter every single other news outlet. Those fools have left themselves in a position where the only people who hear their message are people who already agree with them.

  7. Taylor

    I honestly laugh anytime his administration fouls up and loses support. Of course, I would have laughed at Bush, too, but I was, like…..16 when he left office? Yeah, actually, I was. It was my sophomore year in high school. At the time I was pretty naïve, mostly slanting right, primarily because I LOVE guns. But now, that’s all I’m mostly conservative about, guns. I don’t believe in any of the pro gun propaganda, anymore, because of these arguments:
    1. UN ATT
    At first, I was horrified, but of course, I was still relatively ignorant. I later found out that the Arms Treaty applied to military affairs and had little effect on domestic gun ownership and it was a marketting scheme by the NRA and NAGR to get more to join and pay membership fees, and don’t even get me started on conspiracy theorists, political or religious.
    2. Feinstein’s Assault Weapon Ban
    A poorly written law that initiated paranoid schizophren….I MEAN, truthers to cause a stir which launched The Great Gun Shopping Spree of 2013. Every gun shop in America had signs on their shelves that said Sorry, All Out, all because people are afraid of a jewish woman who probably has an early onset of dementia. The law was a bargaining chip that few saw passing, because it had no funding, it grandfathered millions of “assault weapons”, and evidence that it prevented tragic massacres, like Newtown, is murky, to say the least. I’ll save the scathing of conspiracists, for last.
    3. Preparations for Civilian Disarmament
    The moment we’ve all been waiting for, conspiracists have been going to town on these new laws in certain areas of America, but their most recent targets were places like NYC, Connecticutt, Maryland, Massachussetts, Colorado, and, same as always, Cali. Their favorite theory, it’s only a few months old, is the massive ammunition purchases made recently. They claim Obama has ulterior motives when buying it, mostly to put 5 bullets in every American citizen. Unbelievable, right? I don’t know what drives these guys, some hereditary mental deficiency or they just have very vivid imagination they act out on from time to time, but one thing still stands true, the deeper you go into conspiracy theories, the friggin’ weirder they get, and, they’re made in the comfort of their parents’ basements. It’s true! I’ve watched how news that DHS had purchased millions of bullets turned into the Reptilian New World Order is arming robots with huge guns and even bigger schlongs to kill all American men and pleasure our wives, when they’re done. No wonder so many have turned Democrat.


  9. This crook was the worst mistake the voters have ever made!

  10. Particularly interesting cheers, It is my belief your trusty visitors may well want considerably more items of the character continue the excellent effort.

  11. Brianna

    Obama is a sleazy piece of dirt.

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