Yesterday was Day One of the national championship tournament for both divisions of the USCAA (United States Collegiate Athletic Association). Likewise for the Association of Christian College Athletics. Conference tournaments continued, meanwhile, in the NAIA1, the NJCAA and the CCCAA.

ave maria university gyrenesThe AVE MARIA UNIVERSITY GYRENES are the 2nd seed in the USCAA tournament and last night put away the 7th seeded VICTORY UNIVERSITY EAGLES by a score of 89-76. The Gyrenes led 48-27 at halftime but Victory U fought back to make the final score a little more respectable.

svu-logoMeanwhile, in a 5 seed over a 4 seed upset, the USCAA’s SOUTHERN VIRGINIA UNIVERSITY KNIGHTS toppled the LINDENWOOD UNIVERSITY AT BELLEVILLE LYNX 91-79. The Lynx actually outscored SVU 51-46 in the 2nd half, but the Knights were too shrewd defensively to let their opponents get too close.

rochestercollegewarriorsThe top seeded ROCHESTER COLLEGE WARRIORS took care of business as expected, shooting their way past the 8 seeds, the SAINT JOSEPH’S COLLEGE – BROOKLYN BEARS  by a score of 75-53. Rochester’s Drammell Hogan led the scoring with 37 points and 10 rebounds. 


daemen wildcatsAnd to finish off the USCAA quarterfinal results, the (3) DAEMEN COLLEGE WILDCATS fought their way past the (6) NEWPORT NEWS APPRENTICE SCHOOL BUILDERS with an 81-67 victory. The Builders led 12-8 at one point but a 16-0 run by the Wildcats quickly dimmed NNAS’ chances for an upset.


Warren Wilson College OwlsThere were just 2 games in the 1st round of the USCAA Division Two’s championship tournament. The 9th seeded WARREN WILSON COLLEGE OWLS dismembered the 8th seeded ALBANY COLLEGE OF PHARMACY PANTHERS  60-34. What was a tight 35-28 game at halftime became a laugher in the 2nd half.

PSU system… And the 2nd of the 2 games saw another upset. The 10 seeds, the FAYETTE ROARING LIONS, surprised the 7th seeded Yankee Conference champions, the VERMONT TECH GREEN KNIGHTS, by a score of 79-66. The score was 37-36 in favor of the Roaring Lions at the break, but 20 turnovers for Vermont Tech helped lead to the defeat. 


dallas_christian_college_crusaders_90In the opening round of the ACCA national championship  tournament the DALLAS CHRISTIAN COLLEGE CRUSADERS took down the ASSOCIATION FREE LUTHERAN BIBLE SCHOOL CONQUERORS. The Crusaders put up a Century Club- worthy 106 points to the Conquerors’ 84 points.

Champion Baptist College TigersMeanwhile the CHAMPION BAPTIST COLLEGE TIGERS topped the CALVARY BAPTIST COLLEGE WARRIORS by a score of 77-60. The Tigers will face the OZARK CHRISTIAN COLLEGE AMBASSADORS in Round Two.

Barclay College BearsThe BARCLAY COLLEGE BEARS set up their own 2nd round clash with the HILLSDALE FREE WILL SAINTS by defeating the FAITH BAPTIST BIBLE COLLEGE EAGLES. The score in this game was 85-66 in favor of Barclay.

* NAIA *      

MSUNorthernNewsFRONTIER CONFERENCE TOURNAMENT – The 3rd seeded MONTANA STATE- NORTHERN LIGHTS took care of business as expected, dispatching the 6th seeded GREAT FALLS COLLEGE ARGONAUTS  74-52.   ###   … And in a 5 seed over 4 seed upset the ROCKY MOUNTAIN COLLEGE BATTLIN’ BEARS toppled the WESTMINSTER GRIFFINS in a 75-68 Instant Classic.


Southeastern (IA) College BlackhawksREGION 11 – The 2 seeds, the SOUTHEASTERN (IA) COLLEGE BLACKHAWKS, eliminated the 3rd seeded MARSHALLTOWN COLLEGE TIGERS in an 86-80 game for the ages.   ###   … And the top seeded IOWA WESTERN REIVERS decimated the 4th seeded NORTHEAST COLLEGE HAWKS by a laughable score of 102-77.

Williston-State-College-2AEF2A67REGION 13 – In an odd format the 2nd seeded WILLISTON STATE COLLEGE TETONS battled the 3 seeds, the BISMARCK STATE MYSTICS, for the right to face the top seeded NORTH DAKOTA STATE COLLEGE OF SCIENCE WILDCATS in the title game. The Tetons won, 88-69, and will face the Wildcats on Monday. 


Moberly Area College GreyhoundsREGION 16 – The 4 and 5 seeds played to advance in this opening round. At 4, the MOBERLY AREA COLLEGE GREYHOUNDS took out the 5th seeded THREE RIVERS COLLEGE RAIDERS by a score of 81-61. The Greyhounds will play the top seeds, the WEST PLAINS GRIZZLIES, tomorrow.

eastfield harvestersREGION 305 – The top seeded EASTFIELD COLLEGE HARVESTERS took on the Cinderella 4 seeds, the MOUNTAIN VIEW COLLEGE LIONS, and sent them home with an 84-72 loss. The Harvesters advance to the national championship tournament.



antelopevalleymaraudersSOCAL REGION – The 14th seeded ANTELOPE VALLEY COLLEGE MARAUDERS eliminated the 19th seeded CERRITOS FALCONS by a score of 69-54.   ###   Meanwhile the 18th seeded FULLERTON HORNETS fell in a 69-67 hardcourt epic to the 15th seeded MT SAN JACINTO EAGLES.

Irvine Valley College LasersAlso in the SOCAL REGION opening round the IRVINE VALLEY COLLEGE LASERS were in the unlucky 13 spot but advanced after beating the (20) SANTA ANA DONS to the tune of 69-55.   ###   … And in a 17 over 16 upset the CITRUS PIRATES toppled the CUESTA COLLEGE COUGARS  84-67.   

San Jose City College JaguarsNORCAL REGION – In the play-in round the 17th seeded SAN JOSE CITY COLLEGE JAGUARS won a 91-84 Instant Classic against the 16th seeded DE ANZA DONS. The Jags will face the top seeded SAN FRANCISCO RAMS on Saturday.   ###   Plus the (15) MERRITT COLLEGE THUNDERBIRDS eked out a 63-62 victory over the 18 seeds, the AMERICAN RIVER COLLEGE BEAVERS.  


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  1. I hope the ACCA appreciates the pub u give em

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  3. Dallas Christian rocks!

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  5. Nice 2 learn about these other divisions like the USCAA and ACCA. It’s gr8 how u cover all these others in 1 spot

  6. ACCA rules! I’m going to MCC next year!

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  8. Thanks 4 covering the NCCAA

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