Two presidents who exploited national tragedies to justify eroding fundamental freedoms.

Welcome back to Balladeer’s Blog, the only site on the web that genuinely criticizes both Liberals and Conservatives equally. As always I’m coming to you from an America whose government was hijacked long ago by those rival gangs of white collar criminals called the Democratic and Republican Parties. Neither of those organizations are mentioned in the Constitution but you can’t realistically run for dogcatcher in this country without having to deal with the party apparatus of one of those groups because of the stranglehold they have on our electoral system. 

Both Liberals and Conservatives love to exploit public hysteria to enact policies that are grotesque violations of our constitutional rights and that they could never get away with without the panic that results in people embracing the loss of liberty. 

The Conservatives did this after Muslim terrorists committed the 9-11 attacks. In the hysteria that followed those flukish events the public practically DEMANDED that the Bush administration strip away some of our fundamental freedoms and usher in many policies of a police state. Conspiracy kooks drastically overstated the harm done which unfortunately helped make all legitimate dissent seem lacking in credibility.

Similar hysteria has followed the recent school shootings and in the ongoing panic the public is practically DEMANDING that the Obama administration strip away even more fundamental freedoms. People who try to stay calm are accused of “not caring about the victims” of the shootings and of “not wanting to save lives” just like the Bush administration accused all critics of their “Homeland Security” tactics of “not caring about the victims” and of “not wanting to save lives”. To quote that old Benjamin Franklin saying “Those who would give up some of their liberty in exchange for a little temporary safety deserve NEITHER liberty NOR safety.” 

Or if you prefer Camus we could quote from The Plague and go down the familiar path of pointing out that we’ll all have to go on living under the Plague Rules long after the “plague” itself subsides. Obama has perpetuated Bush’s wiretap policies and other police state tactics and kept Gitmo open. When Obama’s replacement is in office they likely will perpetuate whatever anti-2nd amendment policies he’s able to enact.

For people from around the world observing all this ask yourselves this: Given how so many of you look askance at the way the American government recklessly throws its weight around would YOU want that same government to be the sole arbiter regarding who can or cannot own guns? The periodic mass slayings mostly involve guns obtained ILLEGALLY anyway, so the notion that Obama’s executive orders would save lives is purely a myth. I’ve never owned a gun in my life but I’m thinking of buying one just to spite the current public hysteria.  


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  1. All conservatives deserve to die

  2. YES! It is so good to find someone saying this! The Democratic and Republican parties have irreparably damaged this country’s economy and standing in the world.

  3. So are you a conservative or a liberal?

  4. This is the only site on the internet that points out how badly both sides suck. I’m so sick of liberal and conservatives acting like its all the other sides fault. Obama especially is the most divisive pig I have ever seen.

  5. Nice piece of writing. I enjoy how u bash both sides equally.

  6. Wonderful take! This liberal and conservative bickering is past disgusting at this point.

  7. Its very refreshing 2 find a site that makes fun of both sides! Cheers!

  8. So funny. u make liberals and conservatives understandable to the rest of us outside ur country

  9. mrprincipal03

    Whatever happened to logic, reason, critical thinking, sense of community, and solving problems for the common good. Not the liberal or conservative good. I don’t really care about your religion, or any specific part of where you live, but is using your brain for positive things for the country just not in style and rather gauche the next few centuries?

    • I think it is definitely out of style. A bizarre attitude of “my political party right or wrong” has taken over, with all reasonable people having been driven from the Democratic and Republican parties by the fanatics.

      I often compare us to Spain before its Civil War in the 1930’s.

  10. Taylor

    My new motto “There is no truth because Liberals and Conservatives destroyed it.”

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