Welcome back to the favorite site of Independent Voters, Balladeer’s Blog, the only site on the web that is truly nonpartisan in its criticism of  the shrill children called Liberals and Conservatives.

  The rest of us in the United States (aka “adults” ) get a lot of laughs out of the way Liberals and Conservatives think they’re fit to define womanhood and dictate how ALL women should lead their lives.

Anyone with common sense, which of course leaves Liberals and Conservatives out, realizes women are individuals and there is no “one size fits all” model they all have to live their lives by. However, Liberals and Conservatives cheapen and politicize everything they come into contact with and they’ve transformed what should be a period of unrivaled freedom for women into just another of their tiresome partisan battlefields.

Since Balladeer’s Blog loves to tweak both American Liberals and American Conservatives here’s a shoutout of praise to two women whose mere NAMES cause left-wing and right- wing fanatics to froth at the mouth with impotent outrage.

SARAH PALIN – As surely as women like Betty Friedan were symbols of women bravely throwing off the yoke of the male-enforced attitude that all women should just marry and raise children, Sarah Palin is a heroic symbol of women throwing off the yoke of the Liberal fanatic- enforced attitude that all women should mindlessly embrace the Democratic Party’s every command. Palin became an overnight sensation in a country where reasonable people (again, that excludes Liberals and Conservatives) were disgusted with the shrill voices of the American Left claiming all women everywhere were mindless zombies with only one set of political opinions. 

The bitter, hate-filled and unquestioningly obedient Democratic Party shills like Gloria Steinem and others just made Sarah Palin more and more popular the more they launched pointlessly cruel attacks at her. Steinem and company felt that if they lived THEIR lives as lackeys of the Democratic Party machine that should be the way every other woman should be forced to live their lives, regardless of their individual opinions. The ridiculous expression “traitor to her gender group” has been thrown around more in the last four years than ever before – probably because more and more women like Palin rebel against the offensive and sexist attitude that a political party can “own” women.

HILLARY RODHAM CLINTON – As surely as Eleanor Roosevelt was a role model for a generation of women, Clinton became a role model for another generation who saw in the heroic First Lady a charismatic and talented woman who often overshadowed her presidential spouse. During Hillary’s eight years in the White House she gave fits to the Republican Party matriarchs like Phyllis Schlafly who wanted women to stay trapped in the “kitchen and nursery” prison of the Eisenhower years and earlier. Clinton even baked cookies in one memorable moment to tweak the laughable, aging stereotypes of the old guard Republican women, who felt that wives with careers were “destroying the American family.” 

Hillary went on to shine in the Senate and then as Secretary of State even though she is stuck in the Presidential administration of an inept, weak and crooked little man whose abilities are dwarfed by her own. It’s no secret Clinton would have made a much more competent and effective president than Barack Obama and the United States would have been spared the catastrophes of the last four years. Unfortunately the country wasn’t ready yet for a female president and instead went with another clueless and shallow male more interested in their own aggrandizement than in leading the nation. President Hillary Clinton would have also treated history to the first husband and wife team to serve as U.S. Presidents and as an added bonus would have driven wackos like Rush Limbaugh crazy! 

I would love to see the day when we have at least two women running against each other for the presidency. If that day ever arrives the nation will surely note that it’s a milestone that could not have been reached without courageous and capable pioneers like the extraordinary Sarah Palin and Hillary Clinton!  Any young woman would do well to take either one of them as a role model.


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  1. Meh to both, personally. I don’t think the message would have changed with a different sock puppet as the messenger. I’m equally ambivalent about the current crop of sock puppets and spokes-models running for office. The solution, which is extraction from this morass, will not be found by playing the same silly game we’ve played all these years.

    We’ve thrown the bastards out and elected the lesser of the evils. At the end of the day, we’ve found only more bastards and more refined evils. This isn’t going to be pretty.

  2. Hear hear! I think this happens with a lot of ‘minority’ groups (although women technically aren’t anywhere near a minority) where at first people band together for the sake of the group and the group’s power, but then eventually the group gets powerful enough that people can be individuals again and express their own opinions, and that tends to tick other people off.

    It shouldn’t be surprising (though for some people it is), but women, like men, vary widely in, well… damn near everything. I’m always slightly offended when someone uses the ‘women’s rights’ argument on something. That’s not an argument. Women shouldn’t have rights beneath or beyond human rights. No one should.

    ‘Women’s rights’ has become a sacred cow which means that everything that falls under that umbrella is no longer debatable (for PC purposes anyway) and that’s very backward. No good legislature has ever passed without extreme scrutiny beforehand.

    Also, the bandwagon appeal (and really… emotional rhetoric in general) just needs to die. There’s no cookie cutter for anyone, much less 200,000,000 people (just approximating American females here). People are different. Very, very different. What’s good for one person may be terrible for the next and it saddens me that there are so many women that allow themselves to be pitted against each other for purposes of some larger group.

    Feminists that think getting pregnant and staying home with the kids is somehow a kind of slavery, highly religious Christian women that think taking the mother outside the home will destroy society, yadda, yadda.

    • Beautifully worded reply, Samimi! You said it all perfectly in this, especially about the Sacred Cow of any legislation that has references to Women’s Rights. It would be like if they called it The Women’s Rights and Not Kicking Puppydogs Bill.

  3. I love when you play these head games with liberals and conservatives, using their own cliches back at them! If Aleister Crowley had written anything political I think it would have been like your Liberals and Conservatives posts.

    • LOL Thanks! I get so incredibly sick of the lame cliches Liberals and Conservatives have been spouting for decades now.

      I never thought about it but I guess Crowley’s Book of Lies is sort of like some of my Liberals and Conservatives And … articles.

  4. Put this to music! I love this post! BITCHES LEAVE THE REST OF US ALONE TO PICK OUR OWN COURSE IN LIFE! Way to go Balladeer!

  5. Very well said! We women need to declare independence from liberal and conservative women who try to tell us how we’re supposed to act and what issues are supposed to be important to us.

  6. I am offended that u compared a figure like Sarah Palin 2 horrible Hillary Clinton.

  7. I can’t stand Palin but I get your point. You’re fun cuz your not the usual type of political writer.

  8. Your liberals and conservatives posts are always dangerous and uncomfortable but very thought-provoking.

  9. This type of talk about women and politics needs more exposure.

  10. Nola

    I appreciate someone finally saying this! Who says we all have to be democrats?

  11. Neither party owns women and it’s time more people spoke out like this.

  12. Controversial but passionate. I can’t stand Palin, though.

  13. Brad Harrison

    Excellent piece! I see what you did there!

  14. I love your work i guess this site will complete the information you give

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