“You bastards don’t have ANYTHING the government didn’t give you and don’t you peons forget it!”

Welcome back to the favorite site of Independent Voters, Balladeer’s Blog, as always coming to you from an America whose political system was hijacked by two rival gangs of white collar criminals called Democrats and Republicans more than 100 years ago!

We’re still being torn to pieces by Liberal zombies and Conservative zombies here in the USA, with the dismemberment being led by the inept little man in the White House. Barack Obama, in addition to being as sleazy and crooked as a Chicago alderman, has been intentionally divisive since he took office, falling back on tiresome  charges of (yawn) racism every time polls prove that even people foolish enough to vote for him in 2008 are fed up with his non-leadership.

This is, after all, a sitting president (except when he’s standing up to play golf) who couldn’t get ONE SINGLE MEMBER OF HIS OWN PARTY to vote for the only budget he has bothered to submit. A sitting president whose party CONTROLLED BOTH HOUSES OF CONGRESS FOR THE FIRST TWO YEARS OF HIS TERM but who still accomplished NONE of the things he promised, things he now claims he will need four more years to do.

Regular readers of Balladeer’s Blog know I never hesitate to write articles that upset both Conservatives and Liberals, but both of those groups of fanatics often email me accusing me of secretly being, or secretly turning into, either a Liberal or a Conservative. Given my taste in books and movies plus my fondness for poetry, opera and ancient Greek comedies in addition to my low opinion of religion it may seem inevitable to some that I would be labeled a “secret Liberal”. Plus there’s my support of gay marriage.

I’ve made it clear over the months that what I actually am is an “adult” and like other adults here in the USA I have some opinions that fanatics would label as “liberal” (lower-case l) and some opinions that fanatics would label as “conservative” (lower-case c). However, Liberal and Conservative zealots feel that if someone holds even ONE opinion they disagree with that person MUST be considered the enemy.

American Liberals especially have been spending their lives in a constant state of thinking everyone they know is “becoming conservative” whenever the rest of us prove capable of independent thought. The rest of us are aware of the changes in the world but Liberals, just like Conservatives, live in the past and want to keep refighting the old fights while never acknowledging that progress has been made. To American Liberals every war is the Vietnam War and every disagreement among thinking adults is based on (yawn) racism or class struggles. They feel that the only reason anyone would realize what a failure Barack Obama has been as President MUST be because they’ve been brainwashed by opposition propoganda. I will say for the umpteenth time that American Liberals are so far behind they actually think they’re ahead.

Barack Obama embodies the tendency of American Liberals to live in the past, which is why dogmatic Liberals love him so much. He simple-mindedly views the 21st Century strictly in terms of the issues and conflicts of the 1960’s. This has made him beloved by 1960’s Liberals like Bill Ayers  who must have been delighted to find someone younger than they were who had no mind of his own and who would unquestioningly embrace every single outdated opinion they’ve been “bitterly clinging to” (to use a phrase of Obama’s) for nearly five decades now.

Yes, their 1960’s worldview is nearly five decades old but American Liberals still like to pretend they’re the Young Turks in town pushing “really deep ideas” that nobody else has ever considered. To put this in perspective that would be like someone in the 1960’s pretending they were still cutting edge with a worldview formed in the first decade of the 20th Century. No wonder American Liberals of all ages always think anyone who is aware that history did not stop in 1969 is “becoming conservative.”


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  1. I like you balladeer. On gay marriage, I have to agree to disagree, but not because of bigotry, as so many Liberals would say. It’s far more complex than that. So complex that, in my own mind, a debate still rages on about the topic.

    But, we’re not allowed complexity now. Our culture, I sometimes wonder, is it salvageable? Are there enough adults still living and ready to deal with the complexities we face?

    Every move we make is political. Hell, you can’t even buy a Girl Scout cookie or eat a chicken sandwich without someone attaching political significance to the act! Don’t get me started on what it’s like to be a parent in this acid-spitting climate. (It’s miserable.)

    Like many linguists and philosophers, I believe in the power of language and the complexity of human interaction. The current state of the language used to express ideas is, frankly, dangerous. We’re screwed, balladeer.

    …..”“really deep ideas” that nobody else has ever considered” …

    Ugh. It’s like the whole world is in an arms race to reinvent the wheel… when in reality we’re sitting in a preschool wedged between a burning tire factory, a fireworks emporium, and butted up against an air bag manufacturer and a nuclear power plant. And all of those things are sitting on top of a once dormant fault line that’s showing an interest in getting it’s old garage band The Plate Tectonics back together for one HELL of a reunion show.

    Somewhere in Hades, Nero is scratching his head with his bow and feeling rather bruised for not living later in the time line so he could have really cacked things up in grande style.

    I won’t even stop to ponder the impossibility of a single human having a completely original thought. Stephen Hawking said philosophy is dead, right? Must’ve killed itself. I wonder if it left a note?

    • Ha! Love the “left a note” remark!

      I think you may be a little too pessimistic, or at least I hope so. I think a lot of progress could be made if people would speak out more on how disgusted they are about the tiresome rhetoric of Liberals and Conservatives.

      • Sorry balladeer, it’s been a rough week. It’s a very loooong story so I won’t trouble you with it–and it has nothing to do with that home schooling lady, either, that’s just net nonsense.

        Anyway, there are a lot of very serious issues which need to be addressed and the liberal/conservative nonsense leaves us ill-equipped to deal with those serious issues effectively (the debt crisis, rampant corruption, the slide toward totalitarianism, environmental issues/degradation, industrial waste, the fiscal cliff, financial Armageddon, failing infrastructure, the cumulative effects of entropy ignored…and peak oil and demographic winter). There *are* ways society could turn this around, but again…ill-equipped. This isn’t a game they’re playing. This is serious and high-stakes.

        Ever read Jared Diamond’s Collapse? It’s about the ways civilizations collectively choose to succeed or fail. I don’t agree with him on everything, but I do have the feeling of an Easter Islander watching the last tree get chopped at the moment LOL

  2. Woman

    People are stupid. Plain and simple. And yuppers. I fall into that category too.

    I saw this quote sent through Twitter (have no recollection who sent it) “What a woman does with her body is a private decision between her and her federal, state and local governments.” and thought you’d find it wickedly entertaining.

    Imagine if on December 21, 2012… that new age thingie or the end of the world is going to be all politicians are going to kick the bucket? Can you imagine the world?

    • LOL You’re right, I think that quote is hilarious!

      That would be a great end of the world scenario! We could start from scratch with newly elected people and it would probably take hundreds of years to get back to the current disgusting level of corruption and venality.

    • I’d hug a Mayan if that happened, I think. (just kidding… kind of)

  3. YES! OMG it is so good to hear someone finally say this about how stuck in the 60s liberals are. Even the young ones.

    • Thanks! I think the young ones are even worse because at least the original 60’s generation was rebelling against things. The young liberals aren’t rebelling, they’re CONFORMING to the 60’s generations’ browbeating and groveling to try to please them.

  4. Your caption had me laughing so hard! It is so nice to see a site that treats the racebaiter in chief with the disrepect he deserves.

  5. Nicely said! We always get to hear plenty about what’s wrong with conservative asses but liberal asses think everybody just loves them.

  6. This is great! So glad to see something other than just the same old liberal vs conservative shit. You pointed out perfectly how lacking in new ideas the pompous asses of the left are.

  7. Good for you! I don’t think American liberals realize how sick of them and their trapped in the 60’s mindset all of us are!

  8. PERFECT! you nailed liberals for what complete jackasses they are. They never seem to understand that we all look down on them as much as we do on conservatives.

  9. OMG this is a breath of fresh air coming here! Liberals are such jerks they have no idea that it isn’t just conservatives who can’t stand them. You said this perfectly.

  10. I adore this article! You said it about 1960’s liberals perfectly!

  11. This is so accurate! Why do 1960’s liberals insist on acting like it’s still back then?

  12. Pingback: Kris

  13. Marvelous! Liberals are so trapped in the 1960’s and their tiresome accusations of racism that they deserve all the abuse and scorn people can heap on them! Who do those assholes think they are?

  14. Over all I would say you nicely put it. Liberals never want to listen to anyone who doesn’t conform to every single opinion they already hold.

  15. Thaaaaank U! I’ve noticed 2 that libs always think everybody but them is becoming conservative. They are even more out of touch than conservative asses r.

  16. Incredible post! You described American liberals and their paranoia perfectly! They refuse to grow up and then childishly accuse everyone else of “turning conservative” when we disagree with their outdated worldview.

    • Thanks! I agree, they don’t seem to realize that as old as some American liberals are it should really seem odd to them that the people who are most in agreement with their political views are people too young and naive to know any better. If teenagers and college students who have never worked in the real world are the people whose ideology most closely matches your own it’s time for some serious soul-searching.

  17. I always wondered why Americans were so easily fooled by Barack Obama. This explained it excellently!

  18. FANTASTIC! Nice explanation of why liberals always think they are ahead of us when they are actually the ones who need to catch up! What pompous snobs!

  19. Perfect article about liberal paranoia and stagnation.

  20. U make following American politics funs for those of us oversees. u never fall into the liberal or conservative category.

  21. This really does say it all about liberals. Like u I’m not a conservative, either but liberals have made themselves unbearable.

  22. This needs emailed to every liberal and conservative in this country. This is a detailed explanation of the liberal mindset.

  23. You yanks are a blot on the whole world. Disassemble your union and become a lot of small countries.

    • Remember, I’m not a liberal, which means I don’t do that whole “groveling American” routine that liberals have perfected. I think your idea is ridiculous and bigoted. Why not also call for China to break into smaller countries? Your remark is silly, overdone “let’s whine and snivel about the big bad Americans” nonsense.

  24. Ben

    Well said! Liberals still think its just conservatives who dislike them even though its pretty much all of us.

  25. This made me laugh so hard! That explains American liberals to the world!

  26. Magnificent post! Liberals r so full of themselves and such unreasoning asshats.

  27. Interesting. Liberals and conservatives really are just as bad just in different ways like you say.

  28. This explains why american liberals are so strange for those of us overseas. Thanks!

  29. What is it with liberals and the 1960’s? You finally answered that question.

  30. If it wasn’t for us liberals you’d be in a fascist country now.

    • I know you drama queens actually believe that paranoid bullshit, but let’s face it – you’re such cowards you’d never have the guts to stand up to actual fascist strongarms, just the ones you conjure up in your heads from the safety of your computer keyboard.

  31. ur site is gr8 4 the way u bash both liberals and conservatives.

  32. Rok

    For us in the UK ur blog is becoming known as the place to get the real info on American politics.

  33. This is the best place to get a perspective on American politics. You don’t write the usual partisan nonsense.

  34. So I guess you don’t vote or anything.

  35. Alfie

    I agree that liberals and conservatives both suck!

  36. S Weglin

    You are becoming a big hit over here when it comes to American politics! You give a better and more blunt assessment than anyone else!

  37. Don’t agree with every single one of these but I agree liberals are as much a pack of assholes as conservatives are but liberals think they’er above it all.

  38. omg this was all so true! Liberals are jackasses who think everybody who’s not a conservative loves them and they have no idea how many of us despise them.

  39. Pearl

    This made me laugh because I have liberal coworkers who forever insist everyone is becoming conservative! Will they ever grow up?

  40. Your blog always explains more about liberals vs conservatives in America than your news does.

  41. Vivian

    You’re obviously a liberal so why don’t you admit it?

  42. Marilyn

    So funny and so true! Liberals and conservatives suck!

  43. Ms White

    Most of these are great!

  44. Leslie

    You’re not fooling anyone! You’re really a liberal!

  45. Nice. American Liberls are jokes even over here.

  46. Della

    This explains why American liberals r so weird! lol

  47. Lilliana

    Excellent opinion piece. Liberals really do act this way.

  48. The perfect post for keeping American liberals in proper perspective.

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