Plenty of gullible people believe the world will end this coming December 21st, so Balladeer’s Blog has been examining various end of the world predictions and scenarios from the past.

Block books from centuries ago were a form of illustrated storytelling, most often associated with religious topics. Naturally in a period of limited literacy the graven woodblock picture- stories made theological tales even more popular with the masses. In approximately 1455 – 1480 these “proto- comic books” addressed the Antichrist and the End Times.

These particular block books depicted the Antichrist being born “unnaturally” through a caesarean section with a demon serving as midwife. The block book Antichrist is a rare blonde depiction of this figure and he is shown getting an early education in black magic and in sexual depravity, just like Harry Potter. (I’m kidding! … Unless you count slash fiction)

The miracles performed by the Antichrist follow, and he is shown producing a stag from a rock, a giant from an egg and levitating an entire castle in the air. Next come the figure’s false death and resurrection followed by a dark parody of the Pentecost as the Antichrist’s apostles are “confirmed” by ethereal flames.

When the Antichrist and his followers mistakenly believe they have won the Final War that follows their confirmation as his dark version of knights, the vain A.C. attempts to ascend to Heaven to become  its new ruler. He fails, naturally, and two demons drag him down to Hell instead to spend eternity. Meanwhile the returning Jesus resurrects the dead and passes judgment on all the souls, rewarding the “good” and punishing the “evil” as the material world comes to an end. 

FOR MORE END OF THE WORLD MYTHS CLICK HERE: https://glitternight.com/category/end-of-the-world-myths/     


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  1. Ed

    We know the end of the story on how satan will fail. Now he is trying to stop the future and prove God wrong. It is his only hope for the lyer.

  2. Love it…the Anti-Christ born by caesarean section…just love it.

  3. Woman

    Demon midwives. How do they hold the knife? Hummmm…. I wonder.

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  5. Very cool! Like ancient comic books like you said!

  6. Bryon

    Thanks for sharing – i love your articles!

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