It’s no secret that American Liberals and Conservatives are all equally fanatical. That fanaticism has helped fuel conspiracy kooks from both sides. Just as there are Conservative nuts who think Obama is a Muslim sleeper agent there are Liberal nuts who spout equally insane conspiracy theories about George W Bush. And, in fact, about his whole family. Since I’ll be examining conspiracy theory as mythology in the near future the hilariously paranoid myths about the Bush family seemed a good place to start! But first some context for the title of this piece. 

There’s an entire sub-genre of cheap exploitation films that use the word “madness” in their title. Reefer Madness and Sex Madness are two of the most famous and dealt with alleged hysteria over marijuana and promiscuity, respectively. These films are watched today mostly for their camp value as the audience chuckles at what they view as the paranoia of the filmmakers. So I figured Bush Madness was the perfect title to tweak loony Liberals while simultaneously tweaking loony Conservatives over the sophomoric double meaning. So here’s a light-hearted look at some of the more extreme folklore surrounding the First Family of Conspiracy, or as nutjobs in the know refer to them, the BFEE (Bush Family Evil Empire).


KENNEDY KRAZINESS, PART 1 – Neither the name George nor Bush are all that unusual, yet in a world where even the extremely odd name Englebert Humperdink can refer to at least two prominent figures, the Loony Left is easily convinced that any combination of George and Bush must be referring to the Sinister Ones. Because of a one-sentence reference to a ” Mr George Bush” buried in the voluminous mess of the Warren Report, conspiracy kooks have latched onto that tidbit and have run with the notion that George HW Bush was involved in the assassination of John F Kennedy. No other qualifying information was needed, mind you, just “Mr George Bush” and voila – the BFEE is connected, however tenuously, to a presidential assassination.

 KENNEDY KRAZINESS, PART 2 – Not content to tie the Bush family to just one Kennedy death under tragic circumstances, Web Weirdos have outdone themselves by conjuring up a bizarre theory I like to call Kennedy Assassination: The Next Generation. In this scenario that is so outrageous not even Oliver Stone would be suckered in by it (maybe), George W Bush was a homicidal chip off the ol’ block and engineered the seemingly accidental death of John F Kennedy, Jr. We’re told he did this to “make his bones” in the ( take your pick – New World Order/Bilderberger Group/Illuminatti/CFR ) cabal the way his father did by knocking off JFK, Sr. The ultimate reward for both Bushes was the Presidency, though George HW Bush had to wait 25 years. Sheesh! There are chain letter scams with quicker payoffs  than that!

 BUSH FAMILY KILLBOTS – Now, you may be wondering how George W Bush supposedly  caused the plane crash that killed JFK, Jr. That’s a two-part story. Part one goes that W was seen by “witnesses” lurking near John F Kennedy Jr’s plane before it took off on that fateful day. Yep. Even though a family as rich as the Bushes could afford to have an army of nefarious underlings do their bidding, the conspiracy kooks think George W Bush was there in person to tamper with Kennedy’s aircraft! Talk about a hands-on approach!

It also would have been overkill, since this theory also tells us that a mysterious unknown fourth person was on the flight with Kennedy and his unfortunate passengers … a person programmed to kill via post-hypnotic suggestion! This killbot, whose very presence on the plane the BFEE has managed to cover up, went berserk at a predetermined time, seized the controls and drove the plane straight down into the Atlantic Ocean.


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  1. omg this is so funny … I cant believe what some fools will swallow about the Bushes and the Kennedys

  2. You make yank politics understandable to those of us outside your crazy country. Try to stay well.

  3. Incredible article all the way through. The Satanist conspiracies are especially crazy.

  4. So funny! I searched on-line for all these conspiracies and ur right! They r out there with several sites devoted 2 them!

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  8. Love this. Laughed so hard! People believe the dumbest shit!

  9. so funny! Conspiracy theories are so weird!

  10. Jerseytime

    Part of the conspriacy theory growth industry must be laid squarely at the feet of the news media. Somewhere along the line, previously respectable ( often boring) and middle of the road network news began to see all news “stories” as equal. So now, any bizarre conclusion derived from unconnectred tidbits of information is presented as proveable fact.. This is reinforced by the tabloid business model- people like titillation, so are attracted to bizarre. Problem is, TV news is no longer a filter that blocks out the crazy, but people stilll watch as if it did.

    • I think the main problem came when network television news was placed under the Entertainment Divisions of the networks in the 1980’s. Mike Wallace and others pointed out the potential consequences (which have all come true) but nobody with power to do anything about it wanted to listen.

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  12. Bush family killbots! lol

  13. I agree, especially liberal and conservative fanatics.

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  20. People fall for the strangest conspiracy notions.

  21. Gгeat post. I’m experiencing sօme of thеse issues
    as well..

  22. Errol

    This is great stuff! I hate the Bushes too but people are too paranoid about them.

  23. I really can’t believe how great this site is. Keep up the good work. I’m going to tell all my friends about this place.

  24. This site looks better and better every time I visit it. What have you done with this place to make it so amazing?!

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