Kuyebiko was the Shinto scarecrow god. Originally he functioned as the protector of the rice fields, a task assigned him by his father Inari the rice god. He was considered to be incarnate in all scarecrows and eventually came to be  considered as a divinitory deity who knew everything that transpired under the heavens.

The leap from being the god of scarecrows to divinitory deity came about because of  the never- closing eyes of scarecrows. Since Kuyebiko was incarnate in all of them he therefore was aware of all events, both day and night. Mortals and other deities could appeal to Kuyebiko for information and advice, and the scarecrow they were praying to would talk and tell them what they wanted to know. Like the scarecrows he was the lord of, Kuyebiko could not move, remaining  immobile in the rice fields, seeing and noting all. 



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20 responses to “SHINTO DEITY: KUYEBIKO

  1. interesting! Shinto deities are as interesting as Greek and other deities! 🙂
    love your posts, continue to post more. 😉

  2. Fascinating entry on this unheard of god.

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  4. I like this guy actually. In Australia in the 60’s there was a TV show called The Samurai that Aussies went crazy over…really crazy…me included. You should check it out Ed.

  5. Good 4 u 4 writing on these less known gods and goddesses.

  6. This scarecrow god is cool but scary at the same time.

  7. Odd but interesting idea for a deity.

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