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 KOTOHIRA – The god of the Inland Sea, the location of which is indicated on the map to your right. (the rough translation of the words above the arrow would be “Here’s the Inland Sea … assholes”. ) This deity guarded over the entire Inland Sea and commanded all of the dragons inhabiting that body of water. There were said to be one thousand dragons living in that sea and they were considered “the thousand heads of Kotohira.” He was also the patron god of navigators, fishermen and all commerce on the Inland Sea.

Kotohira’s main shrine is located on the site called Elephant Head Mountain, because of its shape. A complex of temples devoted to the god is still a major pilgrimage destination. Prior to the Meiji Restoration this deity was known as Konpira.


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  1. Woman

    LOL!!!! “Here’s the inland sea… assholes” I laughed so hard at that!!!!

  2. Yay! A return to myths and gods! They r my favorite parts of ur blog!

  3. Really cool god and I love the dragons too.

  4. I really enjoy your expertise when it comes to mythology. You know all these obscure gods that the books I get at the library never have.

  5. Fantastic stuff. You find the most out of the way gods and goddesses.

  6. Another great article about a god I had never heard of. Keep it up, dude!

  7. Incredible! The way you describe these gods and goddesses is never boring. I would take a class with you teaching about them!

  8. Bomb! u r so good with these myths … u married?

  9. What is the reason the original name was unacceptable to the Meiji rulers? Is there a reason?

  10. This blog is like a graduate course in obscure mythology! Rock on!

  11. “here’s the inland see … assholes” LOL

  12. I especially like your myth posts.

  13. Good post and a very enjoyable read.

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