This is one of the reviews I get the most e-mail over so here it is again for the old fans and the new readers who have been requesting it without realizing I already reviewed it last year. Remember, before requesting a review you may want to see if I reviewed it already by checking my Bad Movies page.

THE CLONES OF BRUCE LEE (1979) – Category: Brucesploitation with an enjoyably absurd twist.       In the joyously tasteless beginning of this quintessential Brucesploitation movie British secret agents extract cell samples from the martial arts superstar on his deathbed. Since E-Bay wasn’t around yet they can’t auction off the cell samples so instead they use them to make three Bruce Lee clones to form an elite crime fighting unit.

You have to love a movie called The Clones Of Bruce Lee even though it stars three guys who not only don’t resemble Bruce Lee but who don’t even resemble each other! Some clones! Dick Miller and Priscilla Alden look as much like Bruce Lee as these clowns do.

This film features not one but two mad scientists, one of whom plans to take over the world with an army of bronze men. If I told you how our heroes defeat the army of bronze men you wouldn’t believe me… trust me. All this plus a villain who has the funniest evil laugh in cinema history. How can you possibly resist?  


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10 responses to “BAD MOVIE PAGE: THE CLONES OF BRUCE LEE (1979)

  1. LMAO I laughed so hard at that e-bay joke …

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  3. Woman

    “who not only don’t resemble Bruce Lee but who don’t even resemble each other!” Brilliant line!!!

  4. omg I have 2 c this flm … luv ur rivus

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