The final 3 championship games of the year for the divisions of college football covered by Balladeer’s Blog will be played tonight and tomorrow. NCAA Division 3 gets things started tonight in Salem, VA, where the Amos Alonzo Stagg Bowl will see the 7th straight clash between the Whitewater Warhawks (helmet at left) and the Mount Union Purple Raiders.

Yes, remarkably, both teams have survived the D3 playoff field of 32 teams for 7 YEARS IN A ROW, emerging when the dust settles to square off for the national championship. The teams have won 3 titles each in the preceding 6 years, so this is the rubber game of the match (so far). Adding to all that drama is the fact that viewers can take in the Warhawks’ Levell Coppage, Danny Woodhead’s successor as the leading rusher IN ALL LEVELS OF THE NCAA. Woodhead, from D2, wound up playing for the New England Patriots after he set the record. Where will Coppage, Official Balladeer’s Blog Nickname: Copper Man, wind up playing after this year’s Stagg Bowl? Oh, the suspense! 

Watch tonight’s game at 7:00pm Eastern Time on ESPN2.    


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  1. UWW owns Mt Union now! Look for the Warhawks to win 2 or 3 more before UMU wins another.

  2. Mt Union will be the 2012 D3 champs, ending UWW’s run.

  3. Give me these kind of teams with real student athletes over the criminals in D1.

  4. I’m getting bored with all the arrests and cheating in d1 football so u have a new reader. I’ll be following these teams of yours all season this year.

  5. Never knew about all these divisions for college football. I’ll be following them from now on.

  6. This game rocked! Coppage is as much of a man-beast as I am!

  7. I love the way you cover these playoffs! I never knew those schools were out there!

  8. My brother plays for Mt Union! Thanks for covering this!

  9. YES!!!!! Keep on covering these teams, please! They’re better than covering the thugs of D1 any day!

  10. Go Warhawks! I’m picking them to 4-peat next year!

  11. Your site covers sports the way I like it. You give the info but you don’t take it as seriously as other sites do.

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