It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Just one week until Frontierado and then the event that we all look forward to all year long will be over, so let’s milk all the enjoyment we can out of this Frontierado season! This picture is of the Drovers, the Official College Sports Team of Frontierado! They play for the University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma, the very first school to give my blog publicity last summer and to make their student-athletes available for my probing yet inane interviews. You could say Drover is the 21st Century word for a cowboy.

Anyway, with just one week to go I figured I’d do a Fronteriado Roll of Honor involving the non-shy people who okayed making their Sagas public. Here are the names, and for added fun I didn’t add links this time – all of you can have fun doing a google search under your Frontierado names, since you’re all the number one result under each of them! (Sorry, Lady London, but you’ll have to search under “Lady London Didi” because of all the London entries)

SIX-GUN SARA – This ballsy lady was the pioneer who blazed the trail for many of our fellow bloggers to begin requesting Sagas of their own from me. Six-Gun Sara was best-known for leading her Renegade Rangers in a  crusade against the railroad barons and the corrupt Bureau of Indian Affairs. 

THE BLACKWATER KID – Yours truly, from the very first Saga I wrote back in 2009. Blackwater served on the Union side of the Civil War before becoming the most notorious and deadly bounty hunter of the old west. The Kid was friends with Paden, Emmet Johnson and Jake Johnson from the Official Frontierado Western, Silverado!

AMARILLO ROSE – The most colorful figure of the Amarillo Range War, Rose outfought and outthought all her male opponents to become the most successful rancher in Texas. Her spread started as the Casablanca Ranch but eventually became the sprawling Oklahoma Ranch, which was bought by the U.S. Government to finish what became the Oklahoma Territory, later the state of the same name.

DUSTY MURTAUGH – The sole female field driver for the Wells Fargo Stagecoach Company, Dusty was a Dime Novel favorite! Her adventures getting her passengers and cargo through to their destination against all odds and despite interference from hostile outlaws are still the stuff of legend.

BUCKSHOT BRYANT – The Queen of the Rustlers, Jo “Buckshot” Bryant rode with the James-Younger  Gang before starting her own gang, the Poker Studs, her male harem of outlaw hombres, including her eventual true love, Colorado Costner. Buckshot knocked Pat Garrett and Judge Roy Bean (among others) down a few pegs. 

DOC ROBYN AND KID EQUUS – The Sweethearts of the Frontierado West, Doc and the Kid fell in love when she helped him, a young slave, escape from the Antebellum South. The two went on to become legends, from Dodge City, KS to Freemanville, CA, where the characters in the western Posse wind up. The two survived the persecution of “the American Borgias”, the Pennybottom Family, to live happily ever after. 

LADY LONDON – Also called lovely, luscious, lethal, legendary Lady London (but not very often since it’s not very catchy). This Londoner transplanted to the American west tracked down and killed the Slaughterhouse Kid for killing her husband, then went on to a legendary career as a bounty hunter and as the very first female Texas Ranger. Her horse Gentleman George became a legend in his own right and her disappearance after recovering the buried fortune of pirate captain Jack Sparrow continues to puzzle the world.    

CACTUS CATHY – A riverboat gambler turned gunfighter, Cathy blazed a trail and broke hearts all over the west. She was as skilled at cardplaying as she was at gunslinging (and vice versa) and eventually invested her winnings in the Tombstone Cactus, the newspaper that launched her publishing empire. Cathy used her guns and her devotion to the truth to make her newspaper a force for justice in a long battle with the Clanton crime family.

A Saga for Houndstooth4 is in the finishing stages and I see today at the TeamOyeniyi site (Doc Robyn and Kid Equus) that MomFog herself would like a Saga!




  1. cool post! I wonder if you get the frontierado blues when it’s over, just like at Christmas. 🙂

  2. whoo hoo – time for some gunslinging celebrating 🙂

  3. Great work – this is my first time, so I’m a little unsure of what is happening – but I will catch up!!

  4. Thanks! And if you want a quick catch-up here is the main Frontierado post explaining all the traditions –

    And the rules for Frontierado Poker, so you and your hubby Kid Equus can enjoy –

  5. Oh, how cool…Thanks, Blackwater Kid. I’ll go and play with Google Search in a minute. I’m glad you’re doing a saga for Carrie, too. I can’t wait to read it when it’s ready 🙂

  6. You’re welcome. I can’t wait to see if any of her 4-legged girls appear in the saga.

  7. Winona C

    Awesome! I want a western identity like these …

  8. midaevalmaiden

    did I miss hounds tooth or mom fogs while I was gone? If there are any more that went public while I was away? If so, could you drop a link on my blog please? BUt as for any new ones.. Ill see em as you print em.

    This is awesome! I love all the write ups and synapsis too.

  9. So many and so original! u should write westerns

  10. ome.
    [url=]Givenchy Borse[/url]
    Givenchy Borse

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