As promised here are the rules for Frontierado Poker, the game that is strictly my own invention to go along with my made-up Holiday Frontierado.

1. Remove all face cards from the deck. The game is played with a 40-card deck.

2. Every player antes up. (I’m not advocating gambling. You can decide for yourselves what you play for.)

3. Each player is dealt 4 cards (the deal rotates like in many conventional poker games).

4. Every player MUST discard at least one card to be replaced. It is up to them which. As usual a player can keep or replace as many additional cards as they like.

5. The traditional method for folds, bets and raises applies.

6. Every player’s low hold card is absolutely wild, and can be any numerical value, color or suit the player wishes to give them the best hand. 

7. The best hand wins. Obviously in this game there is no Full House or Royal Flush possible since players hold only 4 cards and there are no face cards. A straight is simply 4 straight.  

Coming soon: another Frontierado drink recipe.

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  1. Woman

    Hummm… I suck at both. Can’t pull a straight face to save my life and for the other just as clumsy as sin.

    But I promise I’d try to figure this one out in August!!!!

    • LOL Geez, you’re rough on yourself! And yeah, the first Friday in August is fast approaching.

      • Woman

        Well yes. Rough on myself is a nice way of putting it!!!! Did you not read the Masturbation Blues posts? And those were just on my own! I pity the countless noses I’ve broken and the unintentional bruising I’ve caused.

        And I forgot to like your post.

        And with a face like an open book games are hard to play!!! But I think it is a good thing!!!

        Will we get pictures???

  2. Oh – this should be fun LOL

    • Thanks! For people who are absolute Poker Purists I tell them they can just disregard the rule about people’s low hold card being wild to keep the game more grounded.

  3. hmm, better than sex… It sounds like fun. I can’t wait for the next drink recipe. I think in celebration of westerns you can’t have too much smokin’, card playin, gamblin’ and drinkin’ Yeee hawwwwww!

  4. OK, I have to tell you – I have a recipe called “The Bowl of the Wife of Kit Carson”, which is essentially a stew that Kit Carson’s wife used to make and have waiting for him when he came home from his western adventures. I have adapted it, and I call it “Better-Than-Sex Soup” – I think it’s perfect for Frontierado!

    • Wow! This does sound perfect! Thank you so much for sharing this. I’d love to see the recipe. You can e-mail it to me or if you like, post it at your own blog (it would help make a few more people aware of Frontierado) and I’ll do a post linking to it from here.

      You are showing the real Frontierado spirit!

  5. Hey, we’re going camping tomorrow and are taking a pack of cards with us, so we might as well give Frontierado pocker a go, as a practice for August. What do you think? Can’t wait to see if it’s better than sex 😉

    ANOTHER Frontierado drink? Did I miss a post??

    • LOL Great! I hope you enjoy Frontierado Poker, but maybe I overstated its appeal by claiming it was better than sex.

      The “Sixteen Days to Frontierado” post included the recipe for a Cactus Jack. Later today I’ll be posting the next drink recipe.

  6. P.S. Guess what I watched on TV yesterday afternoon???? SILVERADO!! Is it just coincidence, or you’ve been a busy bee promoting Frontierado over here? 😉

  7. Alriiiiight! I hope you enjoyed it a little extra knowing Lady London was in the same reality that they are! Paden (Kevin Kline) had a fling with Cactus Cathy and was a close friend (and pallbearer) of the Blackwater Kid. He also had a fling with Amarillo Rose. Emmet Johnson (Scott Glen) had a fling with Dusty Murtaugh. And Jake Johnson (Kevin Costner) had a fling with Frisco Liz. Both Johnson Brothers were also pallbearers at the Blackwater Kid’s funeral. Mal (Danny Glover) and his sister wound up at Freemanville, CA,(from the western Posse (1993)) where Bison Bloodworth became the first sheriff and married Mal’s sister. Doc Robyn and Kid Equus would later settle in Freemanville, too.

  8. People can call it whatever they want…Both my husband and I were nerds back in our school days…So, as far as I’m concerned, nerds rule! 😉

  9. midaevalmaiden

    I dont picture you as a nerd. Your like a mystery figure with a blurry face and a big cowboy hat. Ive been reading all your lead in to Frontierado posts and Im kicking myself over here. Im SO bumming that I missed out on all the pre-fun. and like I let you guys down. I shoulda been there.

    but no worries.

    • I missed having your comments as it was fast approaching, but I knew your birthday was around the same time so I didn’t want to bother you. No need to feel like you let us down, though, you were here for the big day itself! I hope you watched Silverado or some other western on that day! Buckshot Bryant and a friend did.

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  11. Pingback: Oscar


    Everything you write is better than sex!

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