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It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Just one week until Frontierado and then the event that we all look forward to all year long will be over, so let’s milk all the enjoyment we can out of this Frontierado season! This picture is of the Drovers, the Official College Sports Team of Frontierado! They play for the University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma, the very first school to give my blog publicity last summer and to make their student-athletes available for my probing yet inane interviews. You could say Drover is the 21st Century word for a cowboy.

Anyway, with just one week to go I figured I’d do a Fronteriado Roll of Honor involving the non-shy people who okayed making their Sagas public. Here are the names, and for added fun I didn’t add links this time – all of you can have fun doing a google search under your Frontierado names, since you’re all the number one result under each of them! (Sorry, Lady London, but you’ll have to search under “Lady London Didi” because of all the London entries)

SIX-GUN SARA – This ballsy lady was the Continue reading