My blog has once again been featured, this time in a press release and at the site of Humboldt State University. Their stadium, the Redwood Bowl, was featured in my recent bit on The Top Six College Football Stadiums In D2.

The response has been tremendous, from D2 message boards and the institutions themselves and I am very appreciative! I’ve been getting literally thousands of visits to that post over the past few days and some very nice e-mails from students and administrators at those schools. Humboldt State went the extra mile, contacting me with a few e-mail interview questions and doing that nice simultaneous press release and post at their site. Here is the link! Let’s all cheer on the Lumberjacks –


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  1. Woman

    This is fantastic news darling!!! I am so proud!! Now. It is not shameless self promotion. It is shameless self pimping!!!!! LOL!!!

  2. Yeah and yippee – you deserve it all

  3. Jo:
    LOL The Lumberjacks are the Humboldt State University football team.

  4. Congratulations, Ed, well done. I’ve always thought that there’s a strategy behind your blog (apart for writing about things you’re passionate about). When you’ve gone global/viral, don’t forget about us, your humble blogging friends 😉

    • Ha! Thank you very much! Last summer, before you were following my blog, I got mentioned on two ESPN radio affiliates, one in Alabama and one in Tennessee, for my first few “20 Coolest” lists. The overwhelming majority of my posts have always come from outside Worpdress, but I love visiting blogs like yours where I love the writing!

      And as popular as dogs are you’ll probably go viral long before I do, so please remember ME when YOU become big.

  5. Hannah Walker

    Good for you! My nephew plays football for Humboldt State and I’m glad you mentioned their stadium

  6. midaevalmaiden

    I really proud for you, Especialy in the light of the fact that your blog is only a little over a year old! Congrats.

    • Thanks! This is the first mini-interview peopel sent me since the two from last summer before you were following my blog. Link dumps and D2 football message boards were linking to me to a degree usually reserved for my mythology posts or my Top 20 lists.

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