What is Frontierado?  Frontierado is a holiday my family and I celebrate  each year. It’s a holiday I simply made up to fill the down time between The 4th of July and Labor Day. Frontierado celebrates the romantic myth of the Old West, as opposed to the gritty reality.

What does Frontierado meanI named the Holiday this because I think it sounds cool and the “frontier” part of the name captures the old west feel I’m going for. 

 How do you pronounce Frontierado?  I pronounce it frawn-teer-AW-do and since I invented the Holiday I can pronounce it however I like. 

 When is Frontierado?  Frontierado is the First Friday of August every year. Isn’t it a nice change of pace to have a three-day weekend that doesn’t have the holiday on a Monday?

How is Frontierado celebratedFrontierado is celebrated with a get-together with family and friends involving a meal (cooked outdoors or indoors, whatever you prefer) , Sagas, Frontierado Poker, Cactus Jacks and a viewing of the official Frontierado western, Silverado.  

 What are “Sagas” in the context of Frontierado? Christmas has Christmas Carol singing, Frontierado has Sagas. Sagas are fictional biographies of a Western character I invent for somebody after I familiarize myself with their personality and favorite subjects. You could do one yourself of course, or if you like I could make a custom Saga for you. Contact me at Thtcom15@aol.com if interested. Throughout the Frontierado Holiday Season you and your friends and family address each other by your Saga names. 

What is the traditional Frontierado garb? On Halloween you dress up in costumes, ditto for Frontierado. Western garb is worn, either full costume or just an item or two like a cowboy hat and a bandana.

How do you play Frontierado PokerI will post complete rules in a day or so.   

Why is Silverado the official Frontierado Western? Partly because like Frontierado it ends in -erado but mostly because it’s a fun, action-packed western that exemplifies everything Frontierado is about – escapism, not grinding reality. You can watch other westerns in addition to Silverado (I myself also watch Posse every Frontierado) but Silverado MUST be one of the ones you watch. Silverado is to this Holiday what the song the Whos in Whoville sing is to Christmas…It can come without Sagas…It can come without Frontierado Poker….It can come without cowboy hats, bandanas and Cactus Jacks, etc but without Silverado it CANNOT come at all.

What is an example of a Frontierado menu? Buffalo steaks, corn on the cob, cactus salad (Nopolito Cactus, cherry tomatoes, lettuce, cucumbers and onions), cornbread, New Mexico Territory Fried Rice (my own recipe which is Spanish Fried Rice with rabbit meat, rattlesnake or venison and red peppers) and mashed potatoes. Dessert is all the watermelon the human body can withstand. One of the official drinks of Frontierado is a Cactus Jack (again, my own recipe- two parts Jack Daniels, three parts Mountain Dew and one part lime-flavored sparkling water served with a long stem of Nopolito Cactus in the glass for that essential cactus taste. Just like eating the worm at the bottom of a bottle of Tequila when you’re done drinking your Cactus Jack you can eat the stem of cactus which is even more delicious than usual since it’s been soaking in the drink the whole time.  

More details to come. Like Santa at Christmastime I am busy, busy, busy this time of year. Unlike Santa, however I have never been known to utter “We’ll have to cancel Frontierado!”  Next year I’ll give more notice. 

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  1. Woman

    LOL!!!! You crack me up darling!!! In a few days!!!!

  2. Getting really excited…Frontierado pocker??? I didn’t know about that! Things are getting better by the day….Cactus Cathy should hold a workshop for beginners like me 😉
    And I LOVE the menu…I might have to reproduce it (or parts of it) over here, for a more realistic celebration…
    I’ve just realised that I don’t own a bandana. Not even a Union Jack one…Might have to borrow George’s …

    • I would say a Union Jack bandana is the least George could do for you to help you celebrate Frontierado. I’ll have the rules for Frontierado Poker up soon. I’m glad you like the menu. I especially love buffalo steaks.

      • Just seen the recipe for Cactus Jack…As I’ve said in an earlier comment, I’m not much of a drinker. But I’d love to see what cactus tastes like, and I like sparkling water…

      • Cactus by itself tastes even blander than green peppers. In fact a good way to introduce it to people who are reluctant to try it is to make a pizza and use chopped up bits of cacti instead of green peppers. After they’ve eaten it you can tell them what the green stuff was.

        Cactus is good for diabetes they’ve found, and also absorbs a lot of bad cholesterol. It also absorbs a lot of tastes from the foods around it, so for the Cactus Jacks I buy some packed in syrup, since it makes it taste sweeter. For cactus salad I prefer it soaked in spicy sauce.

  3. I doubt that I’ll be able to find cactus in our shops, although I’ll look next time we go shopping. So here’s the dumb question: is any type of cactus edible? One of my friends has a biggish one in her kitchen…can I just chop some of it off and eat it?

    • Good thing you asked! Not all cacti are edible. Some can have hallucinogenic buds or “buttons” (as in peyote buttons) and some will taste as horrible as munching on weeds. Nopolito cactus is the tastiest in my opinion. If you have any international marts near you they may have cacti, or a health food store since it’s such a healthy food.
      I get mine shipped in from Mexgrocer.com but I imagine air freight across the Atlantic would be pretty brutal compared to just being flown from Mexico into the USA. Good luck!

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