A while back I wrote an item on Shinto deities. Some e-mailers have wanted me to add more of them to my “deity of the day” feature, so here we go! For my initial bit on Shinto gods and goddesses click here:

OMITSUNO – The god who ruled over the western land near Izumo. This area was where all the deities in the Shinto pantheon would gather once a year for the Assembly of the Gods, during which they would decide which human beings would fall in love with which other human beings. Omitsuno became the ruler of this territory by lassoing the land mass from the Korean mainland and pulling it across the Sea of Japan with his enormous strength, then making it part of the Japanese Islands. Supposedly this myth spread outward from Japan and influenced Polynesian myths about the demi-god Maui fishing up islands from the bottom of the ocean. Omitsuno is the grandson of the storm god Susanowo and the son of Okuninushi, the god of medicine.


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  1. Interesting. “Deity of the Day” where is that on your blog? I don’t see it.

  2. Chloe

    Really very nice! And I followed the link to your Top 10 list of shinto deities. I had no idea. Everybody always thinks Hercules and greek stuff never japanese.

  3. Under “Categories” to your right on my blog there’s a category called “mythology” and each “today’s deity (from whichever pantheon) will be there. Thanks! I’m glad you find it interesting!

  4. Dude, just imagine if I did crack, I wouldn’t be able to find anything.

  5. Ha! That’s no problem. The “absent-minded professor syndrome” seems pretty common among creative people.

  6. lifewith4cats

    Yeah, your blog is so vast and intricately inter-locked, I really heavily on Email notifications for Baladdeers blog. Thats the only way I am sure not to miss a page.

    I really, really, really wish there were pictures of these Gods. Im a visual learner, so if there was a picture Its 100% more likely that I will be able to remember the specific details if I could link it visualy in my head.

    I know! The amount of extra work that would require is staggering. So I wont complain. It was just a whistful moment for me. I love the way the Japanese represent their Gods in ink drawings.

  7. Actually, Sara, doing pictures for the Deity of the Day posts would not be all that much extra work so I’ll at least try to find a picture for those from now on. Thanks for taking the time to comment!

  8. Daniela

    I really N-joy ur myth posts! Awesome and I want to read about this gods father, too.

  9. Persephone

    You have the most insatiable appetite for mythology … and bad movies …and stuff. I hope you’re taking care of yourself.

    • Thank you! You too! You now run with an odder crowd than I ever have. Too many miles between us now but everybody’s just a computer click away from everybody else these days.

  10. liz

    hmm why is it said that the japanese omitsuno and polynesian maui are related? based on japanese imperialism in polynesia and melanesia i would think that reflects political bias more than historical connection

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