I’m continuing my look at Manly Wade Wellman’s pulp hero Silver John, the roaming singer and guitarist who fights supernatural forces in the Appalachian Mountains of long ago, sort of like a countrified Orpheus meets Kolchak. He’s called Silver John because of the silver strings on his guitar and the silver coins he carries in his pockets. For more details click here: https://glitternight.com/pulp-heroes/

***THEN I WASN’T ALONE – In this vignette Silver John encounters an actual, bona fide centaur roaming the Appalachians.

***CALL ME FROM THE VALLEY – If there is such a thing as a Valentine’s Day Silver John story, this is it. Our wandering balladeer gets caught up in a Hatfields vs McCoys-style feud between two mountain families. Wrapped up inside that tale is a Romeo and Juliet love story between a young couple, one from each family, who once dared to fall in love with each other. Top that off with a ghost story and an eerie but poignant finale which Silver John is lucky to escape unscathed and you’ve got a very memorable short story.

***THE LITTLE BLACK TRAIN – John and several other musicians are performing at an outdoor hootenany being held by a woman named Donie Carawan, one of the most memorable Femmes Fatale from the Silver John stories. Part Scarlett O’Hara and part Angela Channing from Falcon Crest, Donie’s a widowed, evil cougar who takes any man she pleases but only for as long as she pleases, while simultaneously maintaining an economic stranglehold on the community. Donie’s life of sin and toying with the lives of those around her is supposedly going to come to an end on this night thanks to a ghostly train with coffin- shaped boxcars that runs only at midnight on one night per year, running down and killing a sinner each time it does. Can Silver John save her? Does she deserve to be saved? Find out.    



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  1. Woman

    You know, when I get home this summer, I’ll have to try to find some of these Silver John Stories… some of them sound so nifty!!!!

    • Thanks for the comment! I hope you like them!

      • Persephone

        My. my, you’ve gotten into some new things since the old days, haven’t you? These stories seem fun if I could bear the characters.

      • Hey, look who’s talking! I never knew about psychobilly music until your recent mention of it so you’ve got some new tricks too. They should do a psychobilly musical of Silver John!

  2. “Part Scarlett O’Hara and part Angela Channing from Falcon Crest” and “sort of like a countrified Orpheus meets Kolchak” I really enjoy your descriptions. You really make some obscure references which I know is your thing. I used to watch “Night Stalker” it was a great show!

  3. Thank you very much! Every time there’s a Night Stalker marathon I make sure to tape it or watch some of it.

  4. Rex

    luv these outlines of these stories. Like Sara said on that other one you should do a podcast if nobody else will give these stories more exposure.

  5. Kiana

    That story with the train sounds really kewl!

  6. I demand that you do a Silver John radio show! Is the movie as bad as you say?

  7. I want to read all this guy’s stories now. So sick of vampires and zombies.

  8. Little Black Train! That’s awesome!

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