An alleged injury plus three losses in a row since The Big Ringless (Or The Lord Of No Rings, take your pick) made with his bitchy little tweet about his former team’s plight. A tweet he then tried to deny with a lame story NOBODY believed since everyone knows a retweet will have an RT in front of it. Is Lebron a genuine sports world villain, or is he just incredibly stupid? Or simply immature? We do have to remember that he was hyped as King James since he was in high school even though he hadn’t done anything to earn such a nickname. Kobe Bryant and Tim Duncan have multiple championship rings and are far more deserving of such a nickname while Lebron continues to prove he’s really just an advertising icon like the Geico Gecko, albeit taller. The funniest aspect of Little Bron-Bron’s consistently brain-dead behavior is the way he genuinely seems to consider himself the wronged party, as if he should be above the kind of criticism everyone else is subject to. Life doesn’t work that way. If you hold a one-hour special that stops just short of “pleasuring yourself” live on television … if you then whine about how you’re going to keep track of everyone who criticizes you as if you’re Nixon with his Enemies List … if you stupidly compare yourself and your new teammates to the Beatles (begging the question is Lebron Ringo? Or even better, should we call them John, Paul, George and Ringless?) and if you indulge in a spiteful tweet about bad times befalling the team you were too unprofessional to advise of your departure in a mature way, then face it, Lebron; you are making YOURSELF an object of contempt and ridicule. Those of us in the real world are not part of your entourage. We are not required to pretend you’re wonderful just to keep our jobs the way your lackeys are. To twist an old saying if it acts like a jerk, talks like a jerk and tweets like a jerk, then it’s a jerk. Lebron James at present is just a spoiled child who likes to put on an attitude as if he’s Michael Jordan even though he has the same number of NBA titles as Michael J Fox.  


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  1. Very funny. LeBron has made himself known around the world with his behavior.

  2. Bess

    Sounds like Lebron was always a jerk.

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