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Nazi Paikidze-Barnes, U.S. Women’s Chess Champion

And we have ANOTHER member for Balladeer’s Blog’s real-life League of Extraordinary Women: Nazi (“Nah-zee”) Paikidze-Barnes, the United States’ Women’s Chess Champion. Paikidze-Barnes has already stated she will NOT participate in February’s World Championship matches because they are being held in Tehran and – per Muslim law – the female participants will be required to wear hijabs no matter what country they are from.

Nazi Paikidze-Barnes courageously refuses to submit to such demeaning and degrading treatment. Former Pan-American Women’s Chess Champion Carla Heredia has called on all 64 participants in next February’s matches to protest the hijab “commandment” as well.

nazi-paikidze-barnesThe heroic stands by these two extraordinary women have been largely ignored by America’s gutless Political Correctness fascists who crawl for Islam . Those enablers cravenly try to pretend that all Muslim women LOVE wearing degrading body-bags. If Nazi and Carla were calling for the 64 chess players to surrender their dignity and WEAR the hijabs you can bet they’d have been canonized on The View multiple times by now.

This situation raises intriguing questions like: Will Godwin’s Law pussies insist that Nazi forfeit all of her victories because of the way her first name is spelled? (I’m kidding!)

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