NUMBER TWO TAKES A FALL – For the second week in a row the number 2 team in the NCAA Division 2 rankings has suffered an upset. The FERRIS STATE BULLDOGS (helmet at left) came into yesterday’s game unranked and faced with the daunting task of competing with the most famous football dynasty in D2 history – the 2nd ranked GRAND VALLEY STATE UNIVERSITY LAKERS. The Bulldogs ignored all the naysayers and delivered a 40-24 spanking to the Lakers in their own house.

SAINT AMBROSE UNIVERSITY RULES THE WORLD – Just like during last season each Saturday brings us at least one NAIA team upsetting an NCAA Division 2 team. This week’s team to embrace that NAIA tradition was the SAINT AMBROSE UNIVERSITY FIGHTING BEES, who took it on the road and singed the feathers off the QUINCY HAWKS by a score of 34-18. For newbies to these divisions this is like when a 1AA team upsets a 1A team. (Or an FCS team upsets an FBS team if you’re a spineless conformist.)

TOP 25 UPSETS – NAIA (National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics) – The TABOR COLLEGE BLUE JAYS hosted the 20th ranked KANSAS WESLEYAN COYOTES and defeated them in a 56-31 manhandling.   ###   The number 22 MENLO OAKS fell at home to the WEBBER INTERNATIONAL WARRIORS in a nailbiting 19-14 battle which saw an east coast team bearding a west coast team in its own den.   ###   … And the unranked SOUTHERN OREGON RAIDERS dismembered the (24) EASTERN OREGON UNIVERSITY MOUNTAINEERS in a 68-22 laugher. 

TOP 25 UPSETS – NCAA DIVISION 2 – The WAYNE STATE WARRIORS (helmet at left) brought down the visiting number 12 team, the HILLSDALE CHARGERS, in a 24-21 Instant Classic. Who’s going to break the news to Michael Medved?   ###   The (23) UNIVERSITY OF SIOUX FALLS COUGARS were on the road against the WINONA STATE WARRIORS and lost in a 10-9 defensive epic.   ###   … And the unranked EAST STROUDSBURG WARRIORS upset the 24th ranked WEST CHESTER GOLDEN RAMS by a Continue reading


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