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As promised this week it’s D2 Football’s turn for One-Liners and as always links to the other Top 25 Polls will be at the end of this post. Next week I’ll move on to another sport.

NCAA Division 2 Football

1. GRAND VALLEY STATE LAKERS – 8-0 – The Lakers have been a D2 football power since before Notre Dame’s current Head Coach Brian Kelly Continue reading

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This week as promised my one-liners will be about the NCAA Division 3 football Top 25. The links to the other Top 25 lists will be appended to the bottom of this post.

1. UWW WARHAWKS – 6-0 – The Warhawks just keep steam-rollering along, no doubt making some of their fans wish the post-season would hurry up and get here already.

2. MT UNION PURPLE RAIDERS – 6-0 – The NFL’s Pierre Garcon played his college ball at Mt Union and I remember watching him play in some of the Purple Raiders vs Warhawks Championship Games earlier this decade. Will this December make it 6 years in a row that these 2 teams have squared off in the Amos Alonzo Stagg Bowl?

3. WESLEY WOLVERINES- 7-0 – The Wolverines have got to be fed up with playing excellent football but always being behind Wisconsin-Whitewater and Mt Union. Will this be the year they knock off one of those teams in the playoffs?

4. ST THOMAS TOMMIES – 7-0 – Anyone who doubts St Thomas can just poke their fingers into the hole in that “0” they have in the loss column! 

5. MARY HARDIN-BAYLOR CRUSADERS – 6-0 – The Cru continue to play inspired football, no doubt spurred on by my including them in my 20 Coolest Helmets in D3 List. (I’m kidding!)

6. N CENTRAL CARDINALS – 6-0 – There are no Cardinals like North Central Cardinals, not even the Renegade Belgian Cardinal referred to in the classically bad film The Confessional!  

7. WITTENBERG TIGERS – 7-0 – This lucky 7 team is a lucky 7-0 and hoping to win at least an unlucky 13 this year!

8. HARDIN-SIMMONS COWBOYS – 6-1 – I’m sure the Cowboys are glad they get to settle things on the field in the post-season, rather than have to age prematurely because they have a (gasp) regular season loss.

9. DELAWARE VALLEY AGGIES – 5-1 – Forget Texas A&M! This is one Aggies team that still knows how to rack up wins and compete for conference championships!

10. THOMAS MORE SAINTS – 6-0 – It was the Saints who finally sent the Road Warriors from Johns Hopkins home in last year’s playoffs and they look like they’ll do the same to plenty of other teams in this post-season.

11. OHIO NORTHERN POLAR BEARS – 5-1 – The Polar Bears are proof that a really cool nickname plus really cool helmets = wins = A high ranking!

12. LINFIELD WILDCATS – 4-1 – “Turn it up to 11” then add one with these Wildcats! Am I the only one who remembers when Meadowlark Lemon had family members playing for this team a few years ago?

13. WARTBURG KNIGHTS –  6-0 – The Knights are fresh off their upset of last week’s # 6 team, the Coe Kohawks, and are itching to rough up anyone who makes fun of the name “Wartburg”.

14. MONTCLAIR STATE REDHAWKS – 6-0 – The Redhawks have been having a lot of Montclair Moments lately (remember those commercials?), 6 of them to be precise.

15. TRINE THUNDER – 6-0 – Trine Thunder? Why not? You must come over and Trine mine sometime! (Sorry)   

16. COE KOHAWKS – 5-1 – One measley loss will not keep down a team with such a cool name and a mascot who is really The Giant Claw in disguise. (I’m kidding!)

17. WHEATON THUNDER – 6-0 – Wheaton, of course, is the hometown of John Belushi and Bob Woodward. You’d think ONE team called Thunder in the Top 25 would be enough, “But NOOOOOOOO!”

18. CENTRAL DUTCH – 6-1 – You can keep your Eastern and Western Dutch, for D3 football fans the Central Dutch are the only way to go!

19. ST JOHN FISHER CARDINALS – 7-0 – Not to be confused with the St John’s Johnnies, also in D3, but LIKE the Johnnies, this St John’s team is virtually a fixture in the post-season.  

20. BETHEL (MN) ROYALS – 6-0 – These blue-bloods have been a royal pain in the butt for their 1st 6 opponents this year.    

21. HAMPDEN-SYDNEY TIGERS – 7-0 – Hampden-Sydney may sound like a law-firm but there’s nothing shady about the way the Tigers perform on the field!

22. PACIFIC LUTHERAN LUTES – 5-0 – Outside of Zithers and Piccolos I can’t think of more intimidating instruments than lutes! Many e-mailers have been asking when the Lutes will be one of my Cool-Named Teams Of The Day.

23. CAL LUTHERAN KINGSMEN – 4-1 – I’m telling you, if the Kingsmen would bring back their cool helmets with the knight logo they’d probably be ranked even higher!

24. URSINUS BEARS – 6-0 – I’ve been singing the praises of Ursinus since the preaseason and it’s good to see the rest of the country learning what the Centennial Conference has known for weeks! 

25. WABASH LITTLE GIANTS – 5-1 – These boys are sure to move back up in the rankings by the time they play their end-of-season rivalry game against the Towering Dwarves. 

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