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 This often-forgotten telefilm from 1987 was a pilot movie for a series that never panned out, but Spirit purists who complained about the 2008 movie version may actually prefer this unassuming little flick to the big- budget 21st Century version.

The Frank Miller movie from 2008 changed  the Spirit’s iconic costume to black instead of blue and “Millerized” him, making him a kind of Dark Knight clone instead of the lighter, quirkier hero that Will Eisner fans remembered him as being. For Spirit novices, the superhero  was detective Denny Colt of fictional Central City. In his origin story he ran afoul of the mad scientist Dr Cobra, and in the resulting struggle got drenched and drowned in one of the good doctor’s experimental chemicals.

In the “embalming-free” world of superhero fiction, Colt was buried in Wildwood Cemetery, but, as it turned out, Dr Cobra’s chemicals had Continue reading


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