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I don’t recall Christians committing acts of violence en masse when tax dollars financed anti- Christian works like the photo of the crucifix soaked in urine or of figures from Christian mythology sculpted in feces. 

When Jesus, the central figure of Christian myths gets mocked and is virtually a recurring character on shows like South Park nobody gets killed and there are no savage masses of Christians storming buildings over it. 

When cowards like Ricky Gervais pretend to be “edgy” by posing as Jesus on the cover of a magazine no Christian mobs fill the streets carrying out acts of violence.

No, superstitious savagery like that is perpetuated in the Muslim world alone, just as Islam is the most homophobic, misogynist and backward belief system in the world. 

The press coverage of the latest barbaric behavior from the Muslim world is typically cowardly and is loaded with snide references to “the Israeli American” who made a film treating Islam with the kind of irreverence that Christianity gets treated with on a daily basis.

There is even a Broadway comedy called The Book of Mormon, ridiculing Mormon beliefs but since Mormons are civilized there were no Continue reading


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