I don’t recall Christians committing acts of violence en masse when tax dollars financed anti- Christian works like the photo of the crucifix soaked in urine or of figures from Christian mythology sculpted in feces. 

When Jesus, the central figure of Christian myths gets mocked and is virtually a recurring character on shows like South Park nobody gets killed and there are no savage masses of Christians storming buildings over it. 

When cowards like Ricky Gervais pretend to be “edgy” by posing as Jesus on the cover of a magazine no Christian mobs fill the streets carrying out acts of violence.

No, superstitious savagery like that is perpetuated in the Muslim world alone, just as Islam is the most homophobic, misogynist and backward belief system in the world. 

The press coverage of the latest barbaric behavior from the Muslim world is typically cowardly and is loaded with snide references to “the Israeli American” who made a film treating Islam with the kind of irreverence that Christianity gets treated with on a daily basis.

There is even a Broadway comedy called The Book of Mormon, ridiculing Mormon beliefs but since Mormons are civilized there were no riots and no killings over it.



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  1. I agree with everything in your post, they are the worst religion in the world, also i believe the man’s poster is right, Islam will rule the world some day.

    I’m going to do a post about them but you may not agree totally with what i say.

    • Thanks, Harry! Let me know when your post is up.

      That’s a scary thought! Picture a world run by Islam, which tolerates NOTHING BUT Islam, and when all non-Muslims are dead or converted, I guess the perpetually feuding sects of that outdated faith will kill each other off.

  2. Think of your home, your city with no pictures no the walls, no music, no singing, no entertainment of any sort.

    All art and books destroyed, schools closed, money making places closed down, pubs, cafes, restaurants a thing of the past, the essential things of life as we know it gone.

    Now i’m of to make a post all about this matter , i could go on all night 🙂

  3. Thank you for being one of the few American men to stand up to Islam. Their treatment of women is as bad as the south’s treatment of slaves.

    • Thank you very much! Islam is a backward, homophobic and misogynist religion, there is no denying it. People who pretend Islam has nothing to do with violence remind me of “Confederate Americans” who try to pretend the Confederacy had nothing to do with slavery.

  4. Sadly, you can find this extreme behavior among all people (with or without religion under the right circumstances)–although, admittedly, Muslim extremists are, historically, *some* (to give the devil his due, there are plenty of nasty examples of humans behaving badly in history) of the most violent.

    Matthew 5:44 “But I tell you, love your enemies, bless those who curse you, do good to those who hate you, and pray for those who mistreat you and persecute you…” This is a fairly unique concept and does set Christianity apart from some other beliefs. True Christianity is very radical in its aim and heavily persecuted throughout the world as a result. Nothing makes leaders nervous quite like going around telling people that the first will be last.

    • I understand CM but I criticize all religions here and I don’t pause after each one for politically correct reassurances that I know there are some reasonable practitioners of the world’s religions. There’s a point at which that becomes just time-wasting coverage of well-established ground.

      But I agree you’re an example of the willingness of some Christians to turn the other cheek. Nobody ever comes forward to defend you guys when your religion gets trashed by our hypocritical and cowardly American liberals but you took the time to weigh in with that.

      I’m a non-believer and even I am fed up with the way Christians have become America’s cultural “safe targets” while people go out of their way to serve as apologists for Islam.

      As always, no hostility meant toward you in that reply, CM, I just get tired of people expecting an endless rehashing of the same ol’ same ol’.

      • I understand. I wasn’t trying to be PC, because I’ve read the history of Islam and came away with roughly the same impression Voltaire and other notable critics. A 7th century warlord that’s a little (ok, a lot) on the homicidal/crazy side was my take away. More people need to read history. I have met and worked with nice Muslims, even if I can’t understand, essentially, “What a nice girl would be doing in a place like that…”

        The overall brown-nosing that Islam gets from the more loony people on the left fascinates me. But, it’s not really respect. Ultimately, they’re just too scared to say much. That, and they have to keep their “diversity” street cred. The sort that always “heart” brown people but wouldn’t be caught dead socializing in a room full of poor ones–unless there was a good photo op to show how @#$@#$@# multiculturally diverse they are… blah.

        Nope, we’re on the same page for the most part. Just thinking aloud. There are probably a good many people in any given religion that haven’t got the faintest clue about the religion, they just grew up doing that and never thought twice about it. There are plenty of Christians in the pews of any denomination that haven’t got the foggiest clue about their own theology.

        Ever seen a movie called Four Lions? It’s pretty funny… if your humor is a little warped.

  5. Woman

    Sorry not been around much… tis that time of year when the internet bill is due next month so my connection is shoddy till next month.

    Sometimes China still shocks me.

    Then my VPN is shakey so I am not able to really view your blog right now!!!! I need to find a proxy again for my blog till things get settled.

    But… my comment to your post is the same one I’ve used in the past… All I can say is… *FACEPLAM*. They seem almost worse than the traditional Chinese yahoos around here.

    Take care and hopefully everything will be sorted soon!!!

    • Thanks for stopping by! I’ll send you my review of the midget spy movie in its entirety by email since it’s a more light-hearted subject than the latest Muslim attempts at intimidating the rest of the world into revering their hate-filled religion from the Dark Ages.

  6. Okay I have to ask…why is Ricky Gervais a coward ???

    • If you lived here you would understand why, but I’ll try to convey why.

      Christians have become America’s cultural “safe target” and people love to piss all over their religion in every entertainment forum and even in prime time television shows, where you will find Christians constantly depicted as morons and hypocrites. The same people who do that to Christians gutlessly crawl for Islam and are ever so respectful when referring to all of their beliefs.

      The hypocrisy gets even worse because Christians CONSTANTLY get bashed, especially by politicians, for being opposed to gay marriage and against abortion rights but those same people who bash them are too cowardly to criticize Islam for holding the same beliefs.

      Gervais is a coward for figuratively picking on the unpopular fat kid (and trying to act like he’s daring and iconoclastic for doing so) while being too terrified to stand up to the bully on the block.

      Yes, I support gay marriage and abortion rights, etc, but I openly trash ALL RELIGIONS, not just the safe one.

      It’s only daring to follow the path of MOST resistance and right now at this moment in history the MOST resistance comes when you take on the backward, homophobic, misogynist religion of Islam.

      It’s like the people who made the movie Jesus Christ: Serial Rapist. Long ago that would have been daring but now it’s just safe. To be daring they would have had to make a movie called Muhammad: Child Molester, but of course they were far too gutless to do that. It’s much easier to bash the safe target – Christians – and grovel for the bullies – Islam.

      • To be fair, I enjoyed him in The Office (on the rare occasions I could watch it) and Idiot Abroad has some funny moments. Gervais can be a smarmy little twerp at times, though. All the ‘daring’ comedians picking on Christianity are a yawn, but so many tend to do it that I just tune out or fast forward to the funny bits (if there are any). It does seem like tripping old ladies in the nursing home for fun, doesn’t it?

        “Would you like a cookie, deary?” *trip* *kick* *kick* “That’ll teach you to go around forcing your unsanitary and fattening baked goods on the unsuspecting masses!” *kick* *kick*

        Such bravery! 😉

  7. Thank you thank you thank you for saying this! You have a lot of credibility on this because you criticize Christianity all the time too so nobody can accuse you of being a religious practitioner.

  8. Good for you for speaking out on this! Your blog makes it clear that you don’t believe in any religion but you are absolutely right about the Muslim world. They need to join the present day.

  9. More men need to grow a backbone like you and speak out about all this. Islam’s treatment of women is nothing less than slavery!

  10. You’ve got balls for saying what everyone should be saying.

  11. I am so sock of the barbaric way these fanatics behave! It felt great to find someone with guts enough to tell it like it is about all this.

  12. My family fled the region because of the fanatics. Why are so many Americans falling for the same deceits the fanatics always use?

  13. Good 2 find some1 standing up 2 these woman-hating fiends. What happened to other men? Don’t they care?

  14. So good 2 c somebody say this. I have had it with people making excuses 4 this woman-hating religion and its woman-hating men! They treat women like slaves and they want 2 b able 2 take that treatment with them 2 all the countries they migrate 2 by claiming it’s their “tradition” and “religion”.

  15. I used to regard ur posts about Islam’s misogyny and homophobia with mixed feelings but I now think ur absolutely right. Their backward worldview must be opposed.

  16. Fidelio

    Congrats! More people need to speak out on this savage behavior!

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  18. Good to see that you have the courage to criticize Islam’s homophobia and misogyny.

  19. Muslim intolerance is one of the biggest obstacles to global understanding.

  20. Carla


  21. This said it all perfectly! Thank you!

  22. I am behind this! Islam is even worse than Christianity right now and it is silly to pretend otherwise.

  23. Now that we know Obama lied to us about the video’s role in this how do you feel?

  24. Is there anybody Muslims don’t hate?

  25. Fantastic to see a man with the courage to speak out about Islam’s evils. Most men are too cowardly to do that.

  26. Islam really is the biggest danger to women’s rights.

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  28. The Muslim world is always slowing down the rest of the world’s progress.

  29. Islam is a threat to the transgendered.

  30. So non_muslims have never commiteed any violence?

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