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democratic donkey and republican elephantBetting on political election outcomes has become more challenging than at any other time in history, possibly. Over the past three years longshots and dark horses in the U.S. and around the globe have been winning with ever-greater frequency as political polling seems to have fallen from a science to a crap-shoot.

The first Democratic Party Primary debates have just ended and odds for the candidates have already been updated. In case you haven’t caught on yet betting on political events is heating up and you can see there’s been new updates since the debates ended. With 16 months to go until the presidential election, various betting props will continue popping up and most of them will likely be related to President Trump.

The wild mob of Democrats contending for their party’s nomination have just begun the process of taking each other out and history tells us that things will get meaner and meaner as the field of candidates gets leaner and leaner. Continue reading


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