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Nadia Shahram

Nadia Shahram

Nadia Shahram is the leader of the Muslim Women’s Liberation Movement. On July 18th to 19th she will be leading the discussion and signing of a Declaration of Equalities for Muslim Women at historic Seneca Falls. As an American I’m always proud to point out that the original Seneca Falls meeting of so long ago saw the signing of the figurative Declaration of Independence of American women who taylored the document to resemble America’s own Declaration of Independence. The portion that laid out their grievances against society paralleled our own Contintental Congress’ enumeration of King George III’s crimes against Americans.

It’s incredibly moving to know that these women selected this venue for their historic meeting and declaration.

Regarding the cowardly hypocrisy of so many around the world in regard to Muslim Apartheid Shahram herself says:

“I was concerned about the apathy which surrounds the plight of Muslim women. In addition to the horrific atrocities such as honor killings, stoning, acid pouring, genital mutilation, child brides, and burnings, the majority of Muslim women worldwide are also subjected to unjust laws, discrimination, and a general lack of basic human rights. Some of these include child custody, self-determination and autonomy, access to education and employment, social and cultural restriction, travel limitations, and much more.

“The legal systems and the courts have failed to protect these women. The Declaration of Equalities movement is my way (as a female lawyer) of putting pressure on these nations and governments to amend their laws and provide equal rights and protection for women.” Continue reading


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