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NAIA FOOTBALL SEASON HAS STARTED (in other news the rest of the world supposedly still exists)

The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year got underway Thursday night with five gridiron contests involving NAIA football teams, three of them ranked. (For those matchups click here: https://glitternight.com/2010/08/25/naia-football-season-starts-this-thursday-night-aug-26th/  ) This coming Saturday will see seven more ranked NAIA squads in action for the first full Saturday of college football in 2010. Saturday night at 7pm the Notre Dame College Falcons will play the first intercollegiate football game in the school’s 88 year history. In a time when economic woes have been causing some institutions of higher learning to discontinue football Notre Dame College (Motto: “No, not THAT Notre Dame”) is one of the handful launching or reviving the sport.  

It’s not South Bend, IN, but Lyndhurst, OH where the Falcons will host the Mercyhurst Lakers in this historical first game. The following Saturday Notre Dame College will be on the road in another history-making matchup in the first intercollegiate football game played by the Lindsey Wilson College Blue Raiders in 75 years. Other home games for the Falcons will be against the Walsh Cavaliers, the Marian College Knights, the North Greenville Crusaders and the Urbana Blue Knights.

This is what the helmet layout will look like when the Notre Dame College Falcons take on the Mercyhurst Lakers this Saturday:


   This is what it would look like if they took on the NFL Champion Saints:

   And this is what it would look like if they took on martial arts legend Bruce Lee: 

 Kind of makes The Master look kind of small, doesn’t it?

To find out the favorite Brucesploitation movie of each of the Notre Dame College football players click here: http://www.notredamefalcons.com/

Football helmets courtesy of The Helmet Project at: http://www.nationalchamps.net/Helmet_Project/ 

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