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Coach P J Fleck

In the recent past, schools have preferred to seek up-and-coming coaches, such as P.J. Fleck or Tom Herman when they need a new head football coach instead of looking for veteran coaches with a proven track record like Les Miles. Last season, FBS schools recorded the youngest average age (43.2 years old) of head coaches signed up by various teams in the last six years.

Out of 26 hired coaches, eight of them had not attained the age of 40 at the time of employment. In the 2010 and 2011 season, FBS schools hired 48 coaches with an average age of 47, with eight of them under 40 years of age. This trend should help the teams reach their goals and at the same time, should move around the college football odds for most major games that are left in the season.

Various FBS schools have unique needs and those hiring coaches for them defy trends to pounce on the right employee in the market. Currently, the market favors young coaches, such as the 35-year-old Fleck of Western Michigan and the 41-year-old Herman of Houston, while overlooking veteran coaches like the 62-year-old Miles. The ex-LSU coach completed almost a dozen seasons with Tigers and won 77 percent of his games to clinch a national title before his September sacking. Continue reading


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