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Balladeer’s Blog

ESPN may not stand for Exclusively Sports Publicist’s Network but the mammoth outfit certainly acts like it. Their soft, “People magazine for athletes” approach to sports coverage makes them fun to watch and listen to in the same way watching bad movies like Plan 9 From Outer Space is fun. If you want actual sports journalism go to Sports Illustrated (SI.com) or Yahoosports, never ESPN.

It’s no coincidence that those other outfits are the ones who have broken every major sports scandal in recent years. ESPN is too thoroughly in bed with the executives in college and professional sports to want to damage their “product” by doing REAL investigative reporting. Here’s Balladeer’s Blog’s evaluation of the sports publicists who do on-air work at “the worldwide leader in suckup”. 

Not pictured: Colin Cowherd

1. COLIN COWHERD – With the departure of Jim Rome to the cable outfit called CBS College Sports Cowherd gets the top spot by default. Colin towers over all the other on- air staff at ESPN by virtue of the fact that he has a life outside of sports and therefore doesn’t feel that winning games excuses criminal behavior like his colleagues do.

Cowherd also rejects the journalistic pretensions of the other ESPN sports publicists and repeatedly states that he considers his employer to be in the entertainment business, not the news business. Like all Continue reading


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