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Halloween Month continues as Balladeer’s Blog presents another neglected American horror legend.


Black River NunsAlong New York’s Black River there stood an imposing mansion in between Carthage and Watertown. The home had stood unoccupied for decades until, during the summer that the War of 1812 broke out, four mysterious women arrived to take possession of the home. These ladies dressed all in black, kept their faces concealed behind veils and claimed to be Nuns but by all accounts seldom said they were  from the same order of Sisters twice.

Still, the women caused no difficulties and stayed completely isolated inside their new location. A large contingent of carpenters, painters and upholsterers restored the mansion to its former glory but the village gossips took note of the fact that all the workmen were from far away and could offer no new information on their reclusive employers. They also clucked over the high stone walls that were added, further cutting off the Black River Nuns from prying eyes.   Continue reading


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