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NabeelaNABEELA SHANAVAS, author of STAY AT HOME MOM aka NabeesBlog HERE is the first-ever recipient of Balladeer’s Blog’s Blogging Brilliance Award!

Stay At Home Mom is loaded with her unique takes on life, food, family, entertainment, philosophy and anything else that catches her interest.

Insightful and thought-provoking, Ms Shanavas’ writings are well worth checking out.

Nabeela posed five questions – 

Q: Which one is the best in your opinion? Blogging or Vlogging?   A: Blogging, since I think it allows for more intimacy.

Q: What is the one good thing that you did for someone else?   A: What makes you think I’ve ever done anything good? (I’m kidding.) A reader once left a comment on my original blog post about Eleven Hawaiian Deities several years ago. Her comment said that she kept her elderly grandmother, a native Hawaiian, entertained and lively on her deathbed by reading her my articles about Hawaiian gods and goddesses. She said it made her grandmother very happy to be reliving a lot of the stories I covered and that she would often add to them with her own recollections. It was very touching to hear about all that.      Continue reading


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