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A piece of political sewage who bubbled and gurgled up from the cesspool of Chicago politics.

A piece of political sewage who bubbled and gurgled up from the cesspool of Chicago politics.

Welcome back to Balladeer’s Blog, the only site on the web that criticizes American Liberals and American Conservatives equally. After a legal battle of nearly two years (“Dude” as Obama’s graceless NSA advisor emeritus Tommy Vietor said last night) the Obama administration was forced to release more information on the Benghazi scandal and coverup. (These repeated new releases of incriminating details after prolonged legal battles are another way this is like Watergate, by the way)

To the surprise of nobody but Little Barry’s unquestioning legion of fascistic followers the latest release verifies that, par for the course, Obama’s administration was once again LYING about the attack at the U.S. diplomatic compound. Four Americans, including our Ambassador, died in the terrorist attack but Obama’s White House lied and ORDERED OTHERS TO LIE to cover it all up because the 2012 election was fast approaching. To a piece of absolute filth like Obama it was better to let those people die by neglecting the need for more security AND by ignoring their desperate pleas for help. Yes, better to do that than have the voters realize that Al Qaeda was NOT on the run as he claimed.

As I stated in 2012 the whole incident seemed like Obama’s people were terrified Benghazi would become his version of the Tet Offensive which put the lie to Lyndon Johnson’s claims that the Vietnam War was on the verge of being won. To a repulsive demagogue like Little Barry it was much easier to let them die and then have an innocent man arrested by claiming that his youtube video which showed irreverence to Islam was really to blame and that the pre-planned attack was really a “spontaneous protest”.

I don’t know how dead inside Obama must be to do something like that and then to LIE OVER THE COFFINS OF THE VICTIMS OF YOUR OWN VENALITY AND NARCISSISM. This nauseating little toad of a man has gone out of his way to prove he is the worst president the United States has ever had.  Continue reading