mascot chair and bottle picRegular readers of Balladeer’s Blog are used to my posts about spectacularly failed predictions. Many of this blog post’s batch of predictions from 1975 came with no set date so they may possibly still come true.

Dates are provided when they were included. 


*** In 1984 a succession of sudden surprise nuclear explosions will strike an American city. The Nuclear Uses Technology Reaction Analysis Team (NUTRAT, and how appropriate is THAT acronym?) will investigate and declare China to be the culprit.

*** In Phase Two of Bundy’s bizarre, yet apparently sincere prediction, the U.S. would have retaliated by nuking a large city in China.

*** Next Bundy predicted that China would assume that the Soviet Union was behind America’s blaming of them for the initial nuclear explosions and would in turn nuke a large Russian city. All of this reads like something from a satirical tale like Dr Strangelove but was meant seriously.

*** It would turn out that terrorists from two totalitarian countries hostile to the U.S. were really the forces behind the original attack.

*** The U.S. would pay reparations to China. Ten million people would have died in the three destroyed cities.

*** Bundy also predicted that in 2024 a world conference on under-employment and inflation will be held. 


*** A new dictatorship established in Indonesia would work toward a nuclear weapons program.

*** That same dictatorship would use terrorist groups to disrupt its neighboring nations. Soviet/ Russian backing would force the rest of the world to tread lightly where the Indonesian dictatorship’s actions are concerned. 

*** The Indonesian regime would try to conquer Malaysia, Singapore, New Guinea and the Philippines. Its agents would even make inroads into Australia.

*** Economic and political chaos in France would result in a junta by generals and high-ranking civil servants who would restore order through sheer physical force.

*** France would go on to try to become the dominant power in Europe by destroying the European Common Market.

*** Mexican nationalism would lead to widespread terrorist activity in the U.S.

*** In Kuwait, power would be seized by a band of Islamic religious zealots who seek world domination. Kuwait’s income from oil would increase and the new government would use its resources to build up its army, steal weapons secrets from other countries and build up its missile and nuclear capability.

EMMET JOHN HUGHES aka “Eminent John”

*** By 2024 North and South Korea will be united under one communist regime.

*** Also by 2024 Quebec will secede from Canada and form an independent republic.

*** By that same year Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba will secede from Canada and become part of the U.S. 


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20 responses to “SIXTEEN PREDICTIONS FROM 1975

  1. Jules

    Only threes years left for some of Hughes’s predictions to come true!

  2. Erika

    Those predictions about Malaysia were scary but interesting.

  3. Ferdie

    I love these failed predictions posts!

  4. Reron

    So funny to see how wrong they were!

  5. Giggity

    Bundy was high or something.

  6. Ford

    The nutrat joke was priceless!

  7. ProcrastiTara Fan

    Your whole series of blog posts on failed predictions like this is great!

  8. I want some of what Bundy was smoking.

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