George TsoukalasSince I’m into mythology I often get asked how I feel about Ancient Astronauts/ Ancient Aliens theories.

I don’t find any of them convincing, and in fact there is a terrific three hour documentary examining the omissions and misleading statements of the famed Ancient Aliens program.

One of the most hilarious aspects of Ancient Aliens is the way it tells us human beings did virtually nothing throughout our entire history. Everything that happened was because aliens held our hands and walked us through every significant technical and historical development.  

For that highly detailed video debunking this absurd program CLICK HERE


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  1. Cara

    Oh my… I was trying to remember the name of this author I simply couldn’t remember, and then I clicked the video and four minutes in the guy shows up on the history channel clip promoting aliens as the cause of everything!

    When I was 14 or 15 and thought aliens were a hot topic I spent my precious allowance on this book by Erich von daniken ‘chariots of the gods’ or something like that. It had been advertised big time in the book shop. And the advertisement had said it presents proof from the Bible and I was really excited about that.

    In a few hours however I was totally revolted by the bullshit. Imagine interpreting the Bible literally!

    I really respected books but I was so disgusted by that book, I left it out in balcony – didn’t want to spend the night in the same room as it. I threw it in the garbage the next day. My precious pocket money!

    I love opposing viewpoints and critical interpretations of everything, but disrespect and the bullshit that comes from that attitude is intolerable.

    I wasn’t a very smart kid in general, but that book was so over the top, I knew right then that there was something not true about ‘aliens’. Why do they need do much promotion all the time?

    I found zero evidence of their existence in my travels visiting the ancient temples of india. If aliens had ever existed they’d have been depicted on the temple walls.

    I think much of drawings and etc. showing aliens that have suddenly been discovered are fakes or art forms misappropriated.

    This was an interesting topic and thank you for the video.

    P.s. if you don’t publish my comment I understand. Though, I am keeping record of all the times you don’t publish them and holding them against you for revenge at a later time when opportunity presents itself. This is even though I’d really would prefer my comments not to be public. But it’s nice when you acknowledge that you read them. Therefore unpublished comments are being held against you.

    • I agree, Von Daniken is so silly with his takes on everything meaning “aliens.” I can sympathize about spending your allowance money on a book that you wound up hating. That’s tough for a kid. I agree about all these alleged “aliens” in works of art are nonsense, too.

      Ha! And I WILL email you soon about any comment of yours that I did not post.

  2. Cara

    About that Erich von daniken, he interpreted parts of the Bible, like the poetry and visions of prophets literally.
    It’s like someone writes a love letter and uses various terms of endearment like ‘darling’ and ‘sweetheart’ etc.
    And then along comes someone else and says ‘sweetheart’ is one person and ‘darling’ is one person. And ‘sweetheart’ is tall and has a long nose and mood swings. And ‘darling’ is short and fat and has a dog. And provides proof of this from the letter.
    That author said stuff like ‘ancient of days’ is an old man alien with long flowing white hair… Stuff like that. He broke down POETRY to prove aliens!
    One of the basic characteristics of Hebrew poetry is the use of different words to describe the same thing, a poetry of meaning rather than rhyme.
    Imagine breaking that down!

    • Exactly! Just as bad are episodes where Ancient Aliens has to force aliens into the Mahabaratta and Ramayana, plus nearly every other tale from around the globe.

      • Cara

        I had no idea of the extent to which they went to prove extra terrestrials exist. I watched about half the video you posted – it was very entertaining. I only had to stop when they began to talk about the flat earth theory as supportive of the concept of extra terrestrials, when in fact it’s the opposite. But then, it’s my experience that nearly all videos on the internet have some form of thug agenda or the other.

      • Hello again! The makers of the video don’t support flat earth theories, they were just playing devil’s advocate.

      • Cara

        Yes, that was why I stopped watching the video. Because I think the flat earth theories have some truth in them.

      • Oh, I misunderstood. Sorry.

  3. Sybille Lengauer

    Okay, das Ding dauert 3 Stunden? So viele Folgen Ancient Aliens hab ich noch nicht mal gesehen…

  4. yes! I was talking to friend about this the other day!

    • Good to hear! And it’s always good to hear from you! I hope you and yours had a great holiday season!

      • holidays good, friend I talk with about aliens loves the show and believes I as well but hard to find civilization was incompetent for so long.

      • Glad the holidays were good! Maybe the show Ancient Aliens could be looked at entirely separately from the question of alien visitations since the show clearly distorts and misleads like that 3 hour documentary points out.

  5. I’ve been doing some research in the area of aliens. There’s such much out there. Every theory has a debunk somewhere.

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