eye rollTop 10 Worst Gifts for Girlfriends

It’s good if you know in advance what to present to your girlfriend. But not all men can easily choose a gift that will please a fair lady. In order not to make a mistake with a gift or buy an unnecessary item, we suggest you familiarize yourself with the list of gifts that can cloud the pleasant spirit of any woman. These are 10 of the worst gifts for women:


First, a woman might think that a book is a kind of subtle hint at a lack of intelligence. And although sometimes everything is exactly the opposite, and the person who present a book, on the contrary, gives food for thought and thus shows that the recipient of the present is capable of reading books, and therefore is interested in them.

All the same your girl can take offence. Secondly, the book isn’t a kind of surprise that proves your best intentions or, for example, tells about feelings. Also, it’s not a given that the opus will appeal to the recipient of the gift. And lastly, many people today read books on electronic media.


You should not give such gifts without prior agreement, because a girl can be afraid of an animal that you want to present her or she may have an allergy. Also, it should be taken into account that a girl may simply not have time to care for a pet. Single Ukrainian ladies do love cute animals but such things should be discussed in advance.

Plush toys

Another plush bunny or bear is too tritely. But sometimes it isn’t the worst gift ever. The exception is a huge teddy bear, in the case if she dreamily told you about her imaginary ideal day with a big teddy bear, cocoa, marshmallows and thoughts about him. And then at first she will be pleased and surprised, but then she will certainly think that such purchase is a waste of money, and these stranded investments could be spent on something more worthwhile and useful.


Yes, it’s very cute and beautiful. But there is no benefit in figurines and most girls and women just don’t see the point in such a gift. Of course, if the thing is original and expensive, then it is probably appreciated. And yet to use the gift, it must fit in to the interior.

If you give a banal and tasteless figurine, then be sure that it will be put on the top shelf or in the furthest corner of the cupboard. Many women may find such present frivolous and the worst gift to give. It can be a complement, but not a principal gift.

Cheap bijouterie

Judging by the polls, more than half of the fair sex do not want to receive as a gift tasteless and cheap jewelry. And it isn’t surprising, because firstly, many women simply don’t wear such adornments. Secondly, even if bijouterie is available in the arsenal, many women prefer to choose it by their own.

Household appliances and kitchen utensils

Such items should be bought regardless of the holidays, that is, they are on the list of scheduled or mandatory purchases. If a home appliance was presented by a man, then a woman might think that he sees her as a housewife and thinks that she must clean up, wash and cook for him etc., depending on which device was given. In general, about 15% of women consider such gift not the most desired.

Decorative candles

Although some decorative candles look quite cute, they are one of the most meaningless gifts. As a rule, a girl won’t use such gift in any way. It’s just so pitiful to light a candle, because of its beauty, but while waiting for a suitable occasion, you completely forget about it.

Subscriptions and gift certificates

It’s a good gift for your work colleagues or boss, but for a girl – not always. Of course, if she has been dreaming of going to a yoga studio or swimming pool, then a season ticket to such place would be very welcome.

But certificates for a perfumery store or hygiene products will show not only the lack of imagination, but also the fact that you are just too lazy to look for a worthy gift. For girls, it is important not only the cost of the gift, but also the attention and sensitivity that you showed when choosing it.


Categorical no! It’s one of the worst gifts to give your girlfriend.  For the same reason, why you shouldn’t present an anti-cellulite cream, gym membership or wrinkle cream (unless the girl herself did ask for it). This is an explicit reference to the shortcomings in their appearance.


This is the case when it’s important not a gift, but attention. In this gift, attention is completely absent. Of course, money can be spent on what your girl wants, but then the gift loses any significance. It becomes clear that you didn’t even think seriously about choosing a present.

Finally we would like to note that you shouldn’t regift things or repeat your presents – the same gift as last year (another form or coloring) is unlikely to bring joy.



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