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American River College BeaversNUMBER TWO HAD A CLOSE CALL – After a blowout win to start the season the 2nd ranked AMERICAN RIVER COLLEGE BEAVERS barely survived this time around against the MODESTO COLLEGE PIRATES. The Beavers held a 20-14 lead at Halftime and a 34-28 edge to end the 3rd Quarter. The Pirates tied things up at 42-42 by the end of the 4th Quarter. The first Overtime ended in a 49-49 tie with American River College emerging with a 55-49 victory in the 2nd OT. (* Thank you to C.O. for catching an error I made in this post. It is now corrected.)  

Santa ana donsDONS ON THE ROAD – The SANTA ANA COLLEGE DONS (as in Old California Dons) traveled to face the CITRUS COLLEGE OWLS on Saturday. The 1st Quarter ended in a 7-7 tie but the Owls grabbed a 14-10 lead by the break. Neither team scored in the 3rd Quarter and in the 4th the Dons proceeded to notch a 17-14 come from behind win on the road.

College of the redwoods corsairs helmetWE WENT TO A FOOTBALL GAME BUT A POLO MATCH BROKE OUT – This game pitted the COLLEGE OF THE REDWOODS CORSAIRS against the home-standing GAVILAN COLLEGE RAMS. Neither team scored in the opening Quarter and the score was knotted up at 6-6 at the Half. The 3rd Quarter ended with the Rams on top 9-6 but the 4th Quarter saw the Corsairs put up 8 points for a 14-9 Polo Score triumph.

San Diego Mesa CollegeAN OLYMPIC MOMENT – The SAN DIEGO MESA COLLEGE OLYMPIANS hosted the ANTELOPE VALLEY COLLEGE MARAUDERS in a battle of cool-named teams. After a scoreless 1st Quarter, Halftime found the Marauders clinging to a 7-0 edge. From there the Olympians shut out Antelope Valley College while notching 3 points in the 3rd Quarter and 21 in the 4th. The 24-7 win kept the Olympians unbeaten in 2017. 

Mount San Antonio College MountiesTHEY CAN SCORE FIFTY-FIVE – The storied MOUNT SAN ANTONIO COLLEGE MOUNTIES took the field against the visiting VENTURA COLLEGE PIRATES. The Mounties seized a quick 27-0 lead in the 1st Quarter and never looked back from there. In the end Mount SAC hammered the Pirates by a final tally of 55-29.

Los angeles valley monarchsWORKIN’ OVERTIME – The LOS ANGELES VALLEY COLLEGE MONARCHS battled the COLLEGE OF THE DESERT ROADRUNNERS. A 7-1 1st Quarter advantage for the Roadrunners became a 7-7 tie by Halftime. The Monarchs led 21-13 late in the 4th Quarter when College of the Desert managed 8 points to force Overtime. Los Angeles Valley College won it 28-21 in OT.    ###   And the COLLEGE OF THE SISKIYOUS EAGLES notched a 20-14 win over the CITY COLLEGE OF SAN FRANCISCO RAMS. 

Pierce CollegeFEELING BULLISH – In this game the PIERCE COLLEGE BRAHMA BULLS went head to head with the LOS ANGELES SOUTHWEST COLLEGE COUGARS. The Brahma Bulls parlayed a 14-0 lead in the 1st Quarter into a commanding 35-14 Halftime advantage. From there Pierce College stayed dominant, crushing the Cougars 55-21. 

Yuba 49ers helmetROAD WARRIORS – The YUBA COLLEGE FORTY-NINERS visited the CABRILLO COLLEGE SEAHAWKS on Saturday and defeated them by a count of 22-9.    ###    And the LOS MEDANOS COLLEGE MUSTANGS used a 13-0 4th Quarter for a comeback win against the WEST HILLS COALINGA COLLEGE FALCONS.  

Many helmets courtesy of The Helmet Project.


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  1. Clark Osterhout

    How did American River barely survive for two weeks in a row when they beat Diablo Valley 67-0 in their first game?

    • Thank you very much for catching that. I am caring for a loved one who just had surgery and made a mistake. It is now corrected with an acknowledgement that it needed edited.

  2. Awesome to see these obscure teams!

  3. Love this! Great job on this post! I also take an interest in football. In fact, I just created a post about the best sports TV shows, and 4 of the 5 are about football!!!!

  4. Yep, these teams are about the only honest ones because they are down so low.

  5. The Olympians are my team!

  6. Chung

    Weirdly named teams.

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