I’ve been sitting here eating my soup with the two oddly-garbed thugs who look like the mascots of college sports teams watching over me and I just had this epiphany: What if Marina Joyce and Poppy are one and the same? What if her “mother” is really one of her make-believe handlers and the two ARG’s – Poppy and Marina Joyce – are going to tie together? IF the Marina Joyce business really is just an ARG in the first place, that is.

marina-joyceWhatever! I just wanted to weigh in on this since conspiracy kooks were going nuts over this b.s. These online conspiracy deals are fun up to a point, I guess, but at least this one (or these two) doesn’t (or don’t) feature Slenderman … yet. It’s interesting to wonder what Aleister Crowley might have done with internet memes. 

Now if you’ll excuse me I have to take my Claridryl, put on my Plague Doctor mask and get busy, busy, busy! 


Filed under humor, opinion


  1. Rose

    I believe it’s her evil twin.

  2. I luv the sense of humor u show with these memes articles.

  3. Uma

    That will be totally awesome if it does turn out to be her.

  4. Charisse

    The YT memes are tough to keep up with.

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